Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat. Exercise for fat loss. Exercise is the best thing to lose bodyweight, and doing resistance training and cardio training is the best combination
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat. Hello, guys welcome to another blog, so today we will discuss the best fat loss workout for both men and women. Easy fat loss is done at home. try to do at your home or if it not possible in your home join the gym because you need some weight lifting materials, not everyone has those materials at the home.
The ultimate fat loss secret is the easiest and best fat loss exercises is a combination of
 Resistance Training + Cardio Training
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat
Today we will discuss the only exercise, if you want to know some diets please check my previous blogs, in my previous blog I will discuss everything about your diet. So first we will discuss Cardio exercise, basically, cardio workout means on which exercise you will do workout by your heart.

You will export your body, exertion, like running, swimming, skipping, cricket, football, or any other sports dancing and working, also include Cardio exercise. In cardio workout go through all body but the focus is on the heart only.

So that means in those experiences you will increase your heartbeat and blood circulation. Because of that exercise calories are burned off from the body. let's talk another scientific thing if you want to fat loss you have to follow the rules that are


So that equation means when you do all your workouts and activities you have to burn your calories, and while you're eating something that we calories are in your body. Can u decide light energy packet so like OK when you eat something you will energy packets in your body?

And when you workout throughout the packets something like that. So when you like swimming or walking or running you will use those energies. So you have to burn more calories and consume fewer calories so that means you will burn your fat and that becomes weight loss, for in a simple language

More Calories Burnt + Fewer Calories Consumes = Weight Loss.

What is fat? 

Fat is all of those energies which store in your body or like calories, so when you work out and get more energy that means the extra fat for energy will store on your body. So basically when you want to weight loss you will have to burn calories, this is the golden rule.

So when you will do Cardio exercise that means you will exhort your body, your body temperature is high, you will use your muscles, this process you will burn your calories so this is called Active Burn of Calories so this is a good method to burn calories. But you do actually Cardio exercise this is not the first exercise for fat loss so the best exercise for fat loss Resistance Training plus a little bit of cardio.

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat
So what is Resistance Training?
Resistance training is one of these exercises

We will talk about Weight Training, Callisthenics (Free Body Training), or Yoga. Because of those three exercises, we will put some loads in our muscles. So when we pull up dumbbell because of that the load will on your biceps.

So when the lord comes in the biceps what happened inside the biceps, inside the Pisces the muscles tissues are a little bit of damage but not to worry not to damage that you will get an injury, there have the Microtears because of Weight Training.

So when you are having micro-tears then also your body will burn calories, then obviously when you pull up those weights you will need energy. When you pull up your body will decrease calories but you will have micro-tears.

And Microtears are an interesting thing because to repair micro-tears it takes up to 48 hours, so so that means the Microtears will be repairing after 2 days from your workout and because of that calories burnt will repairing Microtears. That process we tell Passive Burn of Calories that means two types of calorie burns.

1. Active Burn, when we do exercises.
2. Passive Burn

So when we will do cardio our body will not calories but there does not produce micro-tears because your heart has not Microtears, blood circulation does not produce micro-tears. So in cardiac exercise, there will just active burn. But its training or any other resistance training there will produce micro-tears, which means you will burn your calories more. If you want to lose your weight fast looks good and gain muscles you will have to do Resistance Training.

When you do resistance training and there you will follow a little bit of cardio, you will have to follow the best fat loss exercise. So if you two join a gym or you will do workouts why you don't like free body lifting and weightlifting and yoga and immediately follow some Cardio exercise like running swimming etc. Do those exercises like cardio once or twice in a week, and weight training 3 to 4 times a week. That will be the fastest fat loss method.

Most of the Indians are thought gyms will only for bodybuilders, we thought we will do muscle gain bodybuilding in the gym. But not the gym is the most natural workout and resistance training workout.

You will find your total energy because of those resistance training, our body will collect energies for the workout but we think after whole day work or eating we will have some work in the evening or next morning. That will not work the extra calories you have to go to Exercise.

If you want to know more for resistance exercise please comment down below I will give a brief description of resistance exercise.

And first follows what is happening to comment me it works on you or not I am one hundred percent sure that it will definitely a workout.
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Do yoga regularly, morning is the best time for yoga. It will help you to burn fat. I will discuss briefly the next blog about yoga. 

 In the next blog, I will tell you to lose weight fast at home without exercise only diet plan. 
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