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Gm Diet Plan

Gm Diet Plan

If you follow this diet plan I'm sure that you must have lost your body weight, I'll discuss the hole day diet plan

Diet Plan for Weight Lose

Hello everyone, so today we will discuss a very interesting thing that is how to maintain weight how to lose weight. Show in today's day the main problem is little children to an elder boy or old man or women most of them are suffering from obesity. Why obesity is happening??

We are not understanding that which food is helping to increase your bodyweight you will have to understand that everyone is age weight and height it and his/ her activity and physical conditions that all depends to your calorie intake if your age is something and that is your height and age are not matched to your body that situation is called obesity.

Because you are gaining fat at that particular time. If I get a little bit confused about that a device called BMI calculator uses that device we can easily know our BMI. I will give you a chart of BMI categories

  • Underweight = < 18.5
  • Normal Weight = 18.5 - 24.9
  • Over Weight = 25 - 29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or Greater
If you want a BMI machine so I will give you a link Check This
Diet Plan for Weight Lose

When we will eat daily things like ok enjoy your breakfast, dinner, lunch we will intake calories, protein, fat, the carbohydrate that's all doing works for activities. Show carbohydrate needs to store our body energy for its use, that's habit pic roleplay in our body.

Next, we will talk about protein, proteins are needed to gain our body muscles doing any other activities which need more power. And fat is also necessary for the body so where we get the fat we get fat from milk, fish, meat, in fact in our cooking oil have also fat.

There are two types of fat one is good fat and another is bad fat, so you need to take good fat and though out bad fats. If you intake good fats, because of that which bad fats are stored in your body that will reduce. So where you get the good fat, we get that from Sea Fish's, Nuts oils, Olive Oil or other vegetable oils and also from Fish.

So the main thing is which food you will take to gain your weight. Some people eat regular good foods which have a good amount of fat but they will not be gaining weight or someone eats less food but they are gaining weight quickly.

So now in your percent weight if calculated that your weight is high and you intake suppose 2000 calories per day, then you will have to reduce 500 calories. So just do your only breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and skip all other time foods, because of that extra food our body will get fat.

Some people know that on which food has fat, so I told you that each and every types of food having fat and there have different factors work in different times, most of the people think that, 'dal' if we eat that, we get fatty or if we eat 'banana' we get fatty.

No that depends on your daily calorie intake if you have managed 'dal' or 'banana' in your daily calorie intake, that will not gain fat in your body, but when you will eat lots of junk food or not calculate your calorie intake, that time you will increase your body weight.

To avoid most off the fat types of food, like when you eat Rice, with that avoid potatoes, because rice and potatoes are both protein types of food. If you want to wait for the loss you will have to do high protein-rich breakfast, which includes boiled egg which can reduce your food intake capacity throughout the day.

If you what to eat your choice able food, you must do take in fewer calories or less amount.  And the main thing is that you cannot repeat one types of food in 2 times, like if you eat roti, then you can not eat rice, and maintain your body carbohydrate 30% - 60%, then proteins are 20% - 30% and fat is 20% - 25%. So you eat protein types of food like lean meat, fish, egg, low-fat milk and it less amount of calorie divided and when you eat less amount of calorie your body will get rest of the needed calorie from your body and when it will go for some days you will automatically Lose your weight.

But, when you are not following your calorie intake like you, you will eat more at lunch or in before dinner that will never go to maintain your body for weight loss. Because of that, your body needed calories full weight so your body does not need your stored calories.

Just stop your extra calorie intake like in the evening when you eat something in the evening you will think that you will not intake more amount of calorie but what happened in dinner you have eaten 200 to 300 calorie but in the evening will it 500 calories more so rest of the calories are stored in your body and that is fat.

Diet Plan for Weight Lose
In lastly you eat those foods like Green Tea, in green tea have some intoxicated that helps you to burn your fat or lose fat, but those people who have low hemoglobin, those people are getting little conscious about that.
Diet Plan for Weight Lose

You will eat Almonds, it's very helpful to your fat loss. Eat Sea Fish in 2 to 3 times in a week, and simply avoid beep fried foods, like Omelette, fish fry, potatoes fry, etc. And you will eat lots of vegetable food, green foods, fruits. And you eat cured, which also helps in your digestion.
Those people who have over Weight, they have a deficit of Vitamin D, you have to know that your body does have any deficit to Vitamin D. That could be your problem in weight loss.

Diet Plan for Weight Lose

And with that plan to a little bit of exercise like Cardio exercise, I'll discuss more in my previous blog Check This 

If you want a full diet chat, please comment on me in the comments section, I'll definitely answer you. And if you want more blog like this, must follow my blog and check previous blogs.

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