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How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight

There have many ways to lose weight age also gain weight, I'll tell you the healthy way to gain weight

How to Gain Weigh

How to Gain Weight. There are people who eat a lot, but not gain their weight and also there have some people who have to eat less but automatically gaining weight so why it's Happened if it's connected to our genetic way.

Gaining weight incorrect way, what we have to eat on a daily basis? And when to eat? Eating junk foods and gain weight, is it good for health? If it not good for health then why? In this blog, we have discussed those questions for their scientific reasons. And after I will share a full day diet plan, it helps you to gain your weight incorrectly way.

How to Gain Weight

So in the 1st, we have seen that if weight is related to our gain. The answer is 'Yes'. There was one type of gene named "APOA2". That gene works when one person eat something then how and what amount of calories make, that gene decided. So if some people's "APOA2" gene is faulty that people have must suffer to gain or lose weight.

Suppose, one healthy people, eat 2 parathas to make X amount of calories, but who have a faulty "APOA2" gene, he/she have to eat 4 parathas to make the same amount of calories. Now that person doesn't know that he/she has a faulty "APOA2" gene. Do he/she eat normally and filling how much I have to eat to gain weight. So, what is the solution, if we go to 1st check if we having the faulty "APOA2" Gene. No, I don't think that has to do. If you think that, you eat enough food and realized you have a faulty "APOA2" gene, then you have to do one thing, Eat a little more then your daily protein intake.

It comes in Smart Idea 1:-


If you want to lose weight you have maintained an equation that is. "CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT" . That we have discussed in our next blog.

Now you have to gain your weight so that the equation for you is "CALORIES IN > CALORIES OUT". What we have to eat daily, collect calories, and what we have to do daily work like sitting, walking, exercise, etc. So that work should use calories. So that you have to take more calories. Now in junk food like Pizza, Burger, etc that food has so many calories, so eat those foods and gain weight, is it good for health?

The answer is No if we want to gain our weight incorrect way that is gaining muscles not to gain body fat. If we get more fat percentage we will have heart problems, diabetes, etc lots of problems come.

Now, how to gain muscles, we have to eat foods that have protein and similarly do exercise. So we have to eat daily food that has protein and do some exercise. In a healthy diet 60% Carbohydrates, 30% Protein and 10% Fat, in an average a person needs 2000 calories.

So now the question is how would we know that how many calories we intake daily, to calculate that their is an application Named 'myfitnesspal' you have download that application and calculate your daily calorie intake. In this application, we will also know that in your daily diet how much calories we have increase/decrease. So this is an idea which sounds cool but practically this is boring because when you eat something every time we have to check the calories which are not possible to weigh the food every time and enter the exact weight. So that comes out Smart Idea No 2:- 


Whatever, you have to increase your calorie intake, So obviously you eat more than you eat nowadays. Now the question is more means How much? Suppose you calculate calories and get that you eat 1 paratha now you have eaten 4 parathas.

So now if it can possible to continue a daily basis. After 2/3 days you feel eating food is torture. So after that, you will come to your previous daily intake. Then the solution is you will increase your protein intake very very slowly, that is, if you eat 1 paratha in lunch then next 1 week you will eat 1.5 parathas or if you eat 1 plate rice, take 1.5 plate rice next week.

Then you will increase daily intake slowly it's good for health. And it scientifically provides that when you increase your daily intake then similarly use a bigger plate so than our brain can't understand, that is called Food Satisfaction. And never drink water before eating or between eating so that you can't eat proper food and it's also affected in your intestine.

How to Gain Weight
Now came to Weight Gaining Diet Plan 
Then the Golden rule is:-  "Never Make Big Changes to Your Diet". If you suddenly change your diet, your body and mind will not with you, so that just eat what you eat regularly and increase that slowly.
  1. In the morning after waking up eat 1 Banana and 1 glass milk.
  2. In breakfast eat regularly what you eat daily and also eat 1 egg daily.
  3. In lunch eat your regular thinks, If you eat 1 paratha or 1 Plate rice increase that 1.5 and add Fish or Chicken or Split Green Gram(Moong Dal) one of them.
  4. The evening never stays in your empty stomach, you can eat anything you like just remind that it is not much quantity.
  5. In dinner you will less food Intake, fill your half stomach, in dinner try to eat protein food because when you sleep, your body will make muscles. And make sure that you have enough sleep and if you feel hungry after eating half food, you will eat one glass milk and add one spoon sugar. So that you will get protein and enough sleep.
So that is Weight Gaining Diet

For in simple Words 
  • Increase your food intake is 0.5 more than you eat right now
  • Increase muscles and remove fat, you have to do Daily Strengthing Exercise.
  • Use larger Plate
  • Never drink water before or between eating.
  • Add Banana, Milk, Egg in your diet, and Fish or Chicken or Split Green Grams(Moong Dal) add one of them in your lunch.
So that is the way of Gaining weight not to change your diet.
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