How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to Lose stomach Fat

Belly fat is a big problem nowadays, both men and women, everyone suffer from that. Follow my tips to reduce that

How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to Lose Stomach Fat. In today's busy life, look into our weight is a big problem, because of that belly fat gain, which affects our daily activities like, confidence, attitude, and daily life. I'm not telling that 6 packs or 8 packs, but we all want a fat free belly.

When we maintained that it has gained good confidence. If you wear big pants which are not matched to your height and weight, then now this is the time to serious about this. Because of that a bad Impression.

So today we learn how to get a smile flat belly in easy steps. So read carefully.
How to Lose Stomach Fat
The main thing some people mistake, who has a diet but not exercise or exercise but not a diet. That's not good. Diet and exercise are quality important for a flat tummy or a simple belly. So I'll tell you some exercise, that you have to do and I'll also give you diet tips, so if you follow that chart and exercise you will get a simple flat tummy within some days. And leads a healthy life.

So let's Start 
How to Lose Stomach Fat
So, in 1st learn some exercise which has most effective to get rid of belly fat. 
For beginners, I'll tell you 3 basic exercises, which they have to do in their home and you don't need any tools.

Exercise No 1


How to Lose Stomach Fat
This is the best exercise to burn belly fat. This exercise does many ways to may angle. We learn mainly 2 CRUNCHES.

 1. Twist Crunch and 2. Side Crunch

When you have to do a twist crunch, try to more pressure bin your middle belly, follow the picture, you have to do 10 times bin repeat 3 times.
Now Side Crunch, In that you have to balance your body by one hand and one leg follow the picture 
How to Lose Stomach Fat
Now, then slowly bend your body, now do it on both sides, just mind one thing the pressure bis on the belly, do it 10 repeats 3 sets with both sides.

It has seen that to lose 1 pound or 0.45 kg weight you have to do 22000 crunches. 1 pound means 35000 calories, each crunch has to burn 0.159 calories. If you do 20 crunch/minute that equals 3 calorie/minute to burn.

Exercise No 2


How to Lose Stomach Fat

This exercise has the most effect to get burn belly fat. But this exercise is a little hard, what you have to do. Balance your body on your elbow and toe upside down and keep the body straight and steady. With 1 minute of the plank, you have reduced the high amount of fat and you noticed that more sweating but mind that rest a while after doing a plank.

Exercise No 3


How to Lose Stomach Fat
In our daily busy routine, we can't able to do that, but jogging boosts our metabolism which makes helps to burn much fat, after wake up in the morning try to jogging 20-30 minutes its good for health. Jogging is making reduced your belly fat by high sweating.
Similarly, you have to follow a diet plan because exercise and diet both doing equally. To get reduce to belly fat you have to maintain.
So the equation is 

The belly fat problem is similar to small kids, boy or girl and everyone's diet is different, but there are some common foods that are avoided by everyone who wants to get rid of belly fat and there is also some food which eats on regular basis.

Let's Let Foods to be AVOIDED 

How to Lose Stomach Fat
  1. Sweets:-  Have much amount of calories, so you don't eat sweets to get a sweet belly
  2. Fast Food:-  As you all know, how many calories in fast food. So please avoid fast food.
  3. Potatoes:- Only 100 gm potato has 77 calories. So it's an enemy to get a flat tummy. Try to intake as less as possible.

Foods to be Taken 

How to Lose Stomach Fat

Which gives you a sweet tummy.
This diet called Zero Belly Diet 
This diet test 500 people and results in a loss of 7.25 kg in 2 weeks. Now we see what is zero belly diet.
Z for Zero Belly Drinks, that is Mango Juice, Lemon Juice or Lemon Tea.
E for Eggs, that has a good amount of protein that burns fatter.
R for Red Fruits, it has phytonutrients.
O for Olive Oil, in daily uses its better to use olive oil.
B for Berry, perfect example is blueberry or strawberry.
E for Extra Plant, best to use plant proteins to get.
L for Lean Meat has a good protein source,w has less than.
L for Leafy Green, it mainly blocks fat sales formation.
Y for Your Favourite, after all that, new est your choice of food but in small quantity. To complete that diet.
The fixed target for 2 weeks and applied this diet and exercise and I am sure that you will also notation positive signs. 
Remember one thing,
     "Laziness Fuels
        More Laziness
       Activity Fuels 
        More Activity"

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How to Lose Stomach Fat
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How to Lose Stomach Fat
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How to Lose Stomach Fat
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How to Lose Stomach Fat
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How to Lose Stomach Fat
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For more helpful tips please follow my blog and if this blog helps you then share it with your friends and relatives. If you want to know something comments below.

Thank you

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