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Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Most people take water in a simple way, they think we drink whenever they want or any amount of water or in any situation. But this is totally wrong.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water. Water is looking at in simple but that helps our body organs doing their proper work, throne out the bad thing that builds in our body. From our Stomach to Skin and Reduce Body Weight to Gaining Weight water id doing a big role. 

Because of that the right amount of water and the right time of drink water and the way to drink water, that whats help us and whats are bad for our health if we don't know that and eat lots of beneficial foods but the perfect thing is not taken by our body. 

Because of that in future lots of health problem comes, example,  Digestive Problem, Liver Problem, Gas, weakness, Kidney Problem, Decrease body immunity power, skin allergy, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, oily skin, dry skin, joint pain, gaining fat, headache, difficulty in gaining weight or decrease weight, hair fall, sleep problem those problems come only to not drink water right quantity and in the right way. 

So, today we'll know that what is the Benefits of Drinking Water in our body, the correct way to drink water and in a hole day which amount of water we have to drink. 

If water deficit in our body so which we identify that? 

At one time how much amount of water, we have a drink, and what is the correct way? 

When do drink water and when not drink water, what is the correct time to drink water? 

What type of water have to drink, Hot, Cold, or Normal? 

Which way water helps in Gain or Reduce weight. So Let's Start the Benefits of Drinking Water.
Let's Start
Benefits of Drinking Water

In our bodies, we have 60-70% of water. And the water we drink that use to our internal body organs like Kidney, Lungs, Liver, and most of all parts helps to do their proper work and mostly helps to get if of our body cells. 

Now the question is in a hole day what are the maximum and the minimum water we have to drink and if your body has a water deficit which way we have to know.

So, the answer is when our body gets water deficit the urine color has changed to yellow, the digestive function has getting damaged our skin has dry and it becomes loose.  And if in the beginning, we don't look that carefully then it comes future in a big problem. 

So every day we have to drink the right amount of water. Now the question comes that how much amount we drink in a whole day and what type of water we drink means hot or cold or normal. 

Because of that, we have to know that in water what are the ingredient and when that's are got benefits in our body. So water has Zero Calories but it helps to hydrate our body and clean our body, it helps to Clear skin, Gets brain energy, Digestive System, Eye, Bones or most body organs help to do their proper work. 

So water is very essential in our lives, without food humans survive but if someone does not drink water then he/she can survive a maximum of 2-3 days. Because of the digestive system through Urine, Sweat, or many way almost 2-liter water has gone through our body on a daily basis, and we have to restore that. And what amount of water to drink daily that depends on that human's body, his/her weight and the weather and his psychical activities that all depend. 

But a normal man daily drinks 2.5-3 liter, that's in 10-12 in an average glass and in summer the sweat is high that the amount of drink water is a little bit more. And those people who are doing exercise they have to drink more water. 

Now the question comes if the more amount of water is going bad for our health, the answer is, all think are bad when we intake the big quantity. When we drink more water, the kidney work is going fast and the sodium level is down in our blood. but that not happened because most people are not able to drink the right amount of water, those problem comes when someone drinks 4-5 liters water. 

Now the question is in one time how much glass we drink and the correct way to drink water, most of the people think that they can drink water whenever they want, but that's totally wrong.

And one type of water if we drink in any way that will go different benefits. Mind that drinking water in a sitting position and drink slowly. So, put water in mouth and stair that to 4-5 seconds then drink because of that the alkaline goes to our stomach that helps the digestive system, or even if you drink water in stander position and drink fast then our kidney doesn't filter properly, and when if we drink water in the open mouth that because with water lots of other gas comes, that because in future you have joint pains, so that water should be drink slowly.

And at one time we should drink 1-1.5 glass water and even if we drink too much water in one time the Kidney doesn't filter properly and that water doesn't use by our body and goes directly by urine.
Benefits of Drinking Water

When we drink or eat some cold thinks our body 1st hot that thing after that it uses, that goes the same thing to water. When we drink cold water that goes hot in our stomach then it uses, that west lots of energy, and our body should wait for that time to use that water.

And when we drink cold water that becomes food hard and it's difficult to digest. So water should drink normal or lite warm. Because lite warm water should use our body quickly. And our stomach gets proper clear. 

When we should Drink water and When not to drink water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

That most of the people are goes wrong and got ill. When should we drink water but its very important to know that when not to drink water. So 1stly we know that when we should not drink water, then we know the correct time to drink water. 

After Eating 

Benefits of Drinking Water

We should drink water after 45 min to 1 hour, and even we drink water just after lunch or just after food takes that becomes the food lighter. And you should drink water a little bit before eating or while eating, because of that the food goes easily. But not 1 glass of water. 

Just Before Sleeping 

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drink water in daylight is helpful to our body just similarly drink water at the night is so bad. Because when we drink water just before sleep at that time our body becomes rest and that water should not use and goes directly to the Kidney. 

And maintenance the time 45 min to the 1-hour gap to drink. Because if we drink water quickly that amount of extra water was not been use and goes directly to the Kidney and you will suffer from quick urine. 

So when you see that your urine is normal watercolor, that means your body doesn't need water so maintain the 15-20 min gap. That time kidney should take some rest.

After Eat Fruits 

Benefits of Drinking Water

 When you eat Cucumber or Tomato in raw and just after that don't drink water. As similarly Banana, Watermelon, Anar, Orange, or any other fruits don't drink water suddenly. If you drink water then it affects the Digestive system or even if you drink Tea, Coffee and suddenly don't drink water.

What is the correct time to drink water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

Just like you every time you wash your plates similarly was your stomach, and washing the stomach with water is the best thing. Drink water morning in the empty stomach that clears most of the bad things. Those who do not drink water properly and eat foods that are like not wash plates and eat over it. 1-2 glass of water daily in the morning.

So in Simple Language 

Benefits of Drinking Water

  • 1-2 glass of water in empty stomach every morning 
  • Drink water 45 minutes to 1 hour later after eating food.
  • Drink less water in Night 
  • After 2 hours in Dinner's best to drink milk instead of water. Because milk given energy hole night slowly and in milk Trytophane will amino ASID  will rest our brain and will sleep well.
  • In Daylight whenever drink water maintenance a gap of 1 hour.
  • While doing exercise drink water 1/4 glass of water not drink too much in one time. 
So that's are the steps to Drink water or you have to maintain those thinks to get fit. 



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