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Health benefits of almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds

Health benefits of almonds

Health benefits of almonds. We have seen that the Old people always say that, eat Almond. But we don't eat that because we think if we eat that our body weight is gaining, but, that is totally wrong. It's very useful. 

It has been seen that, whenever we go out, our moms are put some almond in our bag and said that whenever you feel hungry just eat that, just because it helps to control your hunger and it gives energy. Almond has Magnesium, Protein, and Iron. In research, it has been seen that those people who eat almonds live more 20% than those are not eating almonds. 

Let's Start
Health benefits of almonds

In a small amount of almond, we have Fiber 3.5 gram, Protein 6 gram, Fat 14 gram, Vitamin-E 37%, Magnesium 20%, apart from that it has Copper, Vitamin B2 and Phosphors. So we got those from just a small amount of Almond. And it also gives 161 Calories and 2.5 carbohydrates.

Now, we discuss the health benefits of almonds

Health benefits of almonds
  1. It Protects from Heart Attack, It has been seen research that if anyone eats Almond 5 days in a week, that people have to reduce 50% chance of Heart Attack. It reduces Cholesterol, it controls the cholesterol in the blood. So when the cholesterol is normal then heart problems are also reduced.
  2. Almond has phosphors, it helps out Teeth and Bones keep strong. In research, it proves that those people who eat almond can less weight than others. If you want to lose fat then you must add it to your diet. 
  3. It controls diabetes. If you eat almond regularly it controls your diabetics and doesn't need insulin. 
  4. It helps to sharpen our brains. If every day you eat shocked almond it sharps your brain and your memory gets strong.
  5. It control Blood Pressure, Almond has Magnesium it helps to reduce blood pressure. If you have a problem with blood pressure you must have to eat almonds from today. 
  6. It helps to strengthen our immune system, some regular problems like cold, fever, cough, etc. If you eat almonds daily, it reduces those types of problems. 
  7. It helps our digestive system if you have a digestive problem then start eating almonds 2-3 per day. 
  8. It also helps in Pregnancy, women must take almond when they are pregnant. Because of that baby is become healthy.
  9. It reduces Hunger. Almonds have fiber it reduce your daily food intake. Because of that, you will lose your body weight. 
  10. It is good for our skin. It reduces dark circles, uses almond oil throughout your eyes it reduces dark circles within 1-2 weeks.
  11. If you want glowing skin, then start eating Almonds.
  12. It also reduces from sunburn or suntan. 
  13. In winter our skin gets dry, if you use almond oil in your skin before sleep in the night then your skin will become glossy.
  14. To get soft and thick hair use almond oil, 1 hour before bath. It helps your hair strong and reduces headache, it also reduces hair fall.
Health benefits of almonds

So, that's all benefits for normal almonds, But if you eat shocked almonds that you get lots of many benefits.

So let's take about Shocked Almonds benefits

Health benefits of almonds
  1. If you want to come back to your lost energy, then use almond with boiled milk. 
  2. If you have suffered from joint pains use to eat almonds 
  3. In pregnancy, almonds are very helpful
  4. If you want strong teeth, use the out part of almond, and put it on the oven then make a paste then use it as toothpaste on a daily basis, you will get benefits.
  5. If you lose hearing, use almond oil just one drop daily into your ears.
  6. Reduce your hair dead cells, massage with almond oil.
  7. To control hair fall, use almond oil.
  8. It helps our Digestive system.  
  9. Students have to use that shock almond and eat it in the morning.
  10. It reduces the sugar levels that you can protect from Diabetics.
  11. It has a high source of antioxidants.
  12. In shocked Almond has, Vitamin B17 and Folic Acid that fight for cancer.
  13. It has control of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. The cholesterol problem is a big problem in mow days. High Cholesterol is become a Heart Disease, reduce blockage in heart blood flows. To reduce this type of problem eat almonds. 
Research of Scientist Almond has a good source of antioxidant ancient, which reduces cholesterol and because of that, it helps to fit our Heart. If you have suffered from any heart diseases then add Almond in your diet.
Most people think that Almond only helps to the strong brain, but almond has Vitamin, Minerals, dietary fiber also helps our metabolism. So regular eating almonds are very good for health.      
Whenever you eat an almond, just shocked it before 1-2 hours, then eat that, it gets more benefits than the normal almond. 

In the almond tree, it has a pink flower in August, and in May it becomes Raw Almond. But that has an out layer in green color. Inside that, the original almond is very useful. In India, it founds in Kasmir and Himachal Pradesh. 

So Let's know some the Benefits of that Raw Almond

Health benefits of almonds

  1. Almond has known all about its benefits, and it helps to increase the brainpower.
  2. Almond is full of Minerals, Vitamin E, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty Acid. 
  3. It best to use those who are suffering from blood pressure 
  4. It increases Alfa tocopherol in blood, that helps to maintain blood pressure. If anyone eat almond regularly they can control their blood pressure. 
  5. It reduces your body weight. In that monounsaturated fat, that helps to reduce your hunger so that you will automatically eat less and your body eight becomes reduce.
Almond has beneficial for everyone from kids to old people. For kids, it has sharpened their brains and makes strong memory power. And the most useful thing I'll discuss. And it keeps your body warm in Winter.
So, that's all the benefits to know diet plan Click Here 
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