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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How to Keep Heart Healthy

How to keep heart healthy

How to keep the heart-healthy. Today I'll tell you how you will get fit, and how is the way to get your heart healthy. which types of food you have to eat and which types of food are making your heart healthy.

If someone has already heard from London they are must follow these and those who are fit can include those foods in their diet plan.

Let's Start
How to keep heart healthy

Let's start the Heart Tips for a healthy life and a good lifestyle.

How to keep heart healthy

In this segment, our first food is a banana. in bananas that have many vitamins and minerals. That reduces cholesterol. if you eat regularly one banana to your diet that will help your heart healthy. To know more health benefits of Banana, Click Here.


How to keep heart healthy

to keep your heart healthy the next food is spinach. that has a good amount of iron and it does not contain fat. In this, we have Luton, because have that it reduce cholesterol and keep the heart-healthy.


How to keep heart healthy

The next food is oats. what is a good source of fiber that I am so bad cholesterol and reduce ineffective way? If you eat oats regularly then reduce cholesterol is good for you. It will be recommended that you don't take processed Oats. Main oats in your home. 
and in that one more thing I will share when we make roti. If we make flowers in whole with that never good amount of fiber and it also reduces cholesterol.


How to keep heart healthy

The next food is potatoes. Does a good amount of potassium and no cholesterol. And make blood pressure normal also reduce heart problem. But we do not have to eat deep-fried potatoes that will decrease our health.


How to keep heart healthy

The next food is Garlic. In that Alison and antioxidants reduce cholesterol. If you do not eat garlic then you have to eat that in the morning, eat garlic like medicine take it in a whole one piece.

Green Tea

How to keep heart healthy

Green tea is also helpful that keep the heart-healthy. It has a good amount of antioxidants that help not store cholesterol in blood vessels. And in green tea it has sketching will also keep heart strong. To know more about Green Tea Click Here.

Flex Seeds

How to keep heart healthy

To keep your heart strong you can also use flaxseed.

How to keep heart healthy

You can intake beans with your food, that has no cholesterol. And much amount of fiber. 

so that all the food if you eating those Your heart function is normal and your health is good. 

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