List of fruits for weight loss

List of Fruits for Weight Loss

There are lots of fruits available in this world and each fruit has its particular benefits. And every season has different types of fruits available with his benefits.

List of fruits for weight loss

List of fruits for weight loss. Today we will discuss which fruit we have to eat reduce weight. Basically, we all know that doing exercises will reduce weight but today I will discuss only fruits so that those are don't have time to exercise like housewife they can also reduce their weight, we have many fruits some of them will gain fat and some of our reduce fat and many of them will solve your health problem.

The timing of fruits eating it important for your health, so today we will know which time and which food we will eat and we will discuss which fruit you will eat at night for weight loss. And when you are hungry then which food you will lead to weight loss. We will discuss each and every fruit.

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List of fruits for weight loss

Firstly we will discuss watermelon

List of fruits for weight loss

Basically, in summer we get watermelon so if you eat watermelon that is beneficial for your health in summer. We have got benefits for all watermelon like its seeds and its out part.

Basically, you need the out part as a vegetable. So when you cook fish or chicken just add the watermelons out part as a vegetable. That will help you 2 for weight loss.

You will eat watermelon at any time but before 4:00 p.m., that should be losing your weight in 100 grams watermelon have 20 to 25 calorie. Tu ETA watermelon of a hundred gram your body loss 40 - 45 calories. and when you intake 20 to 25 calories that will be your weight loss.

And also you have vitamin A,  Vitamin c, Vitamin D, vitamin E. That all are help your body to many problems.

Next, we will talk about pineapple.
List of fruits for weight loss

Pineapple is the best Fruit for Weight loss. It will reduce almost 10 in a month. Pineapple has a mash amount of Vitamin C and Antioxidants that will most benefit the brain. Whenever you will eat watermelon your blood flow will be got better.

So the question is how to eat pineapple for weight loss, best to eat pineapple of 100 grams before your breakfast and similarly eat that 100 grams before your lunch. And if you want to eat pineapple in the night you should boil it, not to eat as fresh. If you do that for 1 month, you should lose the weight of about 10 kg. 

Now the next fruit we will discuss that blackberry.
List of fruits for weight loss
If you ear blackberry it will help you to reduce the high amount of weight. To eat blackberry it will go to same as pineapple. Just the quantity will take 15 - 16, and at night eat is similarly boiled. But if someone has an allergy they have to eat boiled blackberry every time.

Now we will discuss Banana

List of fruits for weight loss
We are don't know that Banana will reduce weight in a good way. As we know banana is a high protein food, and when you eat high protein and it will help to digest food. And Pineapple, Banana and Coconut will reduce your weight but you have to know the rules to eat. You don't eat a banana after 4 PM. And also banana, both are you eat before 4 PM. And mind that you don't brink coconut water after 1 PM, because of high sodium it will affect your body. You will eat breakfast with a banana and oats with milk, which will help you lose your weight in a healthy way. Do not eat more than 2 banana in the hole day, and don't drink water after eating a banana.

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Now we will talk about Anar.
List of fruits for weight loss
Anar will get the best weight loss fruit, you will make tea with its out part layers, that will helps you to make weight loss. You will eat anar hole day and also at night if you feel hungry after eating food, at that time you eat Anar.

Next, we will discuss Gooseberry

List of fruits for weight loss
Gooseberry has lots amount of Vitamin C, that's helpful to your skin and hair. And it also reduces your weight in a good way.

Next, we will discuss Papaya

List of fruits for weight loss
Papaya you will eat when it's on a tree or you will eat that after some days, it will help reduce your weight every time when you eat papaya. Nowadays most dietitians have included Papaya in their diet chart. It will reduce Cholesterol and also reduce the chances of Cancer. In papaya, it has sodium so that it helps blood circulation and control blood pressure. You will have to add papaya in your diet chart. And who has diabetes they can also eat papaya for control sugar?

Now the fruit came is Lemon.

List of fruits for weight loss
Lemon is very helpful to reduce weight. In winter season we get Orange, you will eat it so your body fitness will good, and your metabolic rate is going high similarly you will reduce your weight. And all the time use green lemon to hot foods, don't eat any cold foods, it will reduce your weight. And you will eat sweet lemon juice of glass par day, it will increase your metabolic rate it that burns your fat. One cup for 200 ml lemon juice has only 31 calories. Another sweet lemon is full fiber so it will help to not get a hungry long time. If you eat daily then your body will get dietary fiber. And that dietary fiber will help to reduce your weight. If you want to lose your weight quickly do one thing, wake up and drink one cup of light warm water and add sweet lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey, and drink in an empty stomach.

List of fruits for weight loss
And the rest of the fruits like Cucumber, Strawberry, Carrots, Cherry, Guava, and Pomelo, it will reduce lots of weight, if you ear Pomelo two times like in the morning and lunch before eating heavy food, that will help your weight loss. And the rest of the food you had in your diet chart but insured that many foods will take before 4:00 p.m. and best to do with this diet plan do some cardio exercises now what is Cardio exercise I will discuss everything in my previous blogs Check it. Because of that, you will reduce your weight so faster.
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