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Side Effects of Sugar

Side effects of sugar

Sugar Side Effects

Side Effects of Sugar. Today we will discuss one more health topic food that is sugar, yes, we eat sugar daily but I have no idea that how that will affect our body and how much sugar quantity we will need. so today we will discuss sugar that how much sugar is needed and if you eat it takes more sugar than what are the side effects. So we discuss 10 bad side effects of sugar.

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Sugar Side Effects

The first thing in our mind comes that is how much sugar is needed in our body. so in our whole day, we intake total calories that only 10% sugar we need, in a simple way in a full day in the quantity is 8 to 10 tablespoons. If you intake more sugar-like 15% or 20%, that will get side effects on your body. So that we will discuss today the side effects. 

1. Side Effects of Sugar in Weight Gain

Sugar Side Effects

We all know that sugar gains bodyweight, today we will know that in which ways sugar gaining weight. What we eat each content sugar even fruits or juice, in the juice that we have fructose that's a form of sugar that consumes our body but immediately you get more hungry, so if you eat more juice after some time you will get more hungry and that we gaining your weight.

2. Side Effects of Sugar in Heart Disease

Sugar Side Effects

Because of your sugar, many people have heart disease. so if you eat sugar in more quantity that means your body consumes more calories and because of that calorie in the heart we have arteries that are getting thicker or in medical term there is a clot made by those extra calories.

And the blood flow is interrupted. So so that your blood pressure is getting high and it causes the mini heart disease even if more than one Italy is blocked you have suffered from chest pain and the dangerous part is you need also do a surgery.

So if someone intakes 17% to 20% of sugar, it shows that most of them suffer from heart disease compared to that person who is intake 8% to 10% sugar. So just see that the smaller amount of sugar you intake it get closer to heart disease. So please maintain your sugar limit because heart disease is very dangerous for your health. And if you have heart disease then Hospital charges very high nowadays.

3. Side Effects of Sugar in Getting Pimples

Sugar Side Effects

This point is most of the people are unknown, if you get more amount of sugar then in our body and face we have pimples. If you drink 3 to 4 times tea or coffee that contents sugar or if you drink juice 4 to 5 times that you increase your sugar level and then your body increases insulin separation and because of that androgen hormone will reduce pimples, oil production is high and in your skin get redness because of that. If you meet some people who live in the village or in there are juice type of products are not available or they do not take more sugar then you see that they have no pimples because in suggest of sugar they eat jaggery. And that is healthy for our bodies.

4. Side Effects of Sugar in Diabetes

Sugar Side Effects

Everybody knew by this point, in today's day most people have diabetes but why? I will tell you that basic point when you intake more sugar that times your body will produce more insulin and because of that insulin is a hormone which consumes sugar from blood so if you intake more sugar in daily basis your body will produce more insulin in that way your body is used to that insulin and you will get diabetes then you have to go to the doctor advice and get me medicines for diabetes. 

5.Side Effects of Sugar in Cancer

Sugar Side Effects

It has been seen that nowadays if you intake more sugar it may cause cancer. Because if you intake more sugar and your body has more calories you will gain fat and when you're gaining weight your body organs are not working properly. And because of that cancer comes. If you already have diabetes your most of the body organs and stopped that cancer high. When sugar consumers in your body that nature acidic and your Ph.D. level is getting damaged and that will affects your throat and stomach. 

6. Side Effects of Sugar in Depression

Sugar Side Effects

If you see that who have intake more sugar types of food to that person you will relate to depression. because when you Intex sugar that times immediately you will feel good and after then when you will not be eating anything then and suddenly the sugar level is down and when you eat so what types of food your body will increase sugar level and that process will continue so if you will intake more sugar types of food your brain will never understand that when you are happy or when you get depressed because of that you will suffer depression.

7. Side Effects of Sugar in Skin Problems

Sugar Side Effects

The biggest problem in our skin is getting damaged. Because when you will eat more sugar your body produces AGP, AGP means, advance glycogen, and product. When you eat like bread cake or pastries that type of food has a combination of carbohydrates and sugar. Song carbohydrate and sugar both together make AGP. And when AGP'S are more in your body xender collagen and lasting protein fiber are affected badly. That's the only thing which is to help our skin to get tight and make the skin fair and glowing. and because you will take more sugar that will be damaged and your skin clonus is gone and the tightness also becomes a loss.

8. Side Effects of Sugar in Cellular Ageing

Sugar Side Effects

as we all know that our body was made by small cells. And when the sugar level is high and the lower part of chromosomes have telomeres and the tailor mares have bind of total genetic code. When you get older and your age increase that telomeres are getting small not doing their work properly because of that we look older. But if your body intake more sugar than that element is getting small even if you are young, because of that your sales are damaged and you will see older in the small age. I know it is bad news but it is the fact.

9. Side Effects of Sugar in Loss Energy

Sugar Side Effects

You will lose your body energy quickly. if you are a habit to Intex sugar juice that time only you feel good or only that time you will feel energetic but after some time your energy level is suddenly down. So if you continue that up-down process your body will be getting no energy permanently. So if when you eat an apple with that must take some protein like almond or nuts, that will help you to get that energy for a long time and you too do more activity and manage your energy level.

10.  Side Effects of Sugar in  Fatty Liver

Sugar Side Effects

Nowadays most people have fatty liver. so because of sugar or many juices, our body takes photos and that all fructose goes to in our liver and liver stored that. When and you need energy level liver will distribute that but the extra fructose you wheat that will be stored by the liver. So that time will deliver a store that as fat and how much you will eat more that cannot use by your body in getting fat and your belly is getting big. That we called fatty liver.

So that's are the points I have discussed apart from that more problems like kidney problem your kidneys are getting damaged that will affect the urinary system. If you intake more sugar it will damage your urine function. 
And also when you are eating sugar why your mouth your teeth will intake some of the sugar that makes cavities, so your teeth will also get damaged. 

So this is the main problem of sugar will damage or getting bad our body, Jo intake the normal percentage of sugar. If you need a total diet plan for the whole day and get slim Click here

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