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Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage, and Dandruff 

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff. God has given us many beautiful things including eyes, ears, mouth, etc. There is such a beautiful thing which is our hair. Hair not only makes a person's body beautiful as well as it is also an important part of the human body. Because of which every person is proud of his hair and also longs for thick hair.

How To Control Hair Loss

But in our current lifestyle, many people today are very upset due to hair loss. The extent is reached when a youth becomes bald in his youth and he appears 42 at the age of 23.

Hair loss at a young age becomes a very serious problem for those young people, due to which they come under a lot of tension and this problem is increasing very fast in the youth nowadays. Often the hair falls slowly, yet many times people do not even try to get out of this problem and as a result, their hair keeps getting shorter.

If you are getting rid of hair loss or want to make your hair strong and shiny then you need to take care of your hair because without hair your personality is always half.

Major causes of untimely hair loss

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff

There are many reasons for the untimely loss of hair, but due to pollution, non-cleaning of hair or dirty habits, our hair starts to dry - dry, break or fall. The major causes of untimely hair loss are:

1. Not having the right routine (Lifestyle):-

Due to being behind our work in today's run-of-the-mill life, we forget to pay attention to our daily routine, due to which we are unable to take care of our hair properly and live in a sunny and dusty place for a long time. Many times we also have to face stress and incomplete sleep with this Lifestyle. Due to which there is constant hair loss.

2. Hereditary causes of hair loss:-

Hair loss is directly related to heredity. This is a major cause of hair fall. Due to heredity, this problem continues from one generation to another. This problem is the same in all family members because it happens due to a specific gene. Which causes hair to fall.

3. Telogen Effluvium:-

Telogen Effluvium is a problem in which hair falls in very high quantities at a very fast rate. Often this problem is caused by taking more stress, reducing your weight, overwork, after an operation or after pregnancy. Therefore, it is also a major factor in hair loss which causes hair to fall.

4. Hormonal Imbalance:-

By the way, due to the change of any hormones, there is a lot of change in the body and behavior of a person. But there are some harmons that change very rapidly in a person's body. If ever there is too much change in the hormones of the body, then it affects our hair.

Which is why our hair starts falling. Thyroid Hormone is responsible for hair loss in women. Which causes Hair Loss.

5. Diet problem:-

Food has a direct relation with our bodies. If our food is not balanced and nutritious, then it cannot develop our body fast. The same thing applies to hair. Just as all the organs of the body need vitamins and protein.

In the same way, our hair also needs these vitamins, minerals, and protein, which keeps our hair black, long and thick. If our hair does not get a proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and protein, then our hair starts falling.

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6. Digestive Problem:-

Nowadays our lifestyle has changed in such a way that we do not even care about our health, whose result is that we have to face many small health problems. One of these problems is the lack of digestive systems.

The digestive system has direct control over our health. It also affects our hair. If our digestive system is not well then it weakens the roots of our hair. Due to which our hair starts falling and breaks easily.

7. Hanging on wet hair:-

Often when we have to leave the house in a hurry for our office or for some work, we leave our hair wet and use the comb on wet hair.
The reason why our hair starts falling is that when our hair is wet then they are very soft and delicate and break very easily. And when a comb is used on these wet hair, it affects our fragile hair like a sword and the hair falls out.

8. Stress in life:-

Stress is a fire that makes a person hollow inside themselves and due to stress, many health problems arise in the person. Due to excess stress in life, it also affects our hair.

Due to which our hair starts falling very fast and the person becomes a victim of baldness at an early age. If stress is not stopped in due course of time, then the person can become completely bald after some time.

9. Pouring very hot water on the hair:-

Many people use very hot water for bathing or washing hair. Hot water is harmful to our bodies. When this hot water also falls on our hair, it makes our hair very weak and they automatically crumble.

10. Changing hair composition:-

Always changing the style of your hair is a habit of many people, especially the youth. We are constantly changing our hairstyle to go to a party, to date someone, to go to a wedding or to attract someone.

For example, I have seen many of my friends, when we go for an important function or to roam somewhere, then their look changes, as well as their hairstyle, also changes. By doing this continuously, it makes our hair roots weak. Which starts breaking hair and falling hair.

Easy ways to prevent hair loss 

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff
Our hair is very delicate and due to negligence or care of the hair, the hair becomes lifeless or breakage. Therefore, hair care is very important to protect your hair from any kind of problem.

Friends, now you know what causes hair loss. But to prevent hair fall, you have to remove the reasons mentioned above, which means you should find out the mistake you are making from the reason mentioned above and then avoid or treat it again.

Many people use shampoos or any specific soap to prevent abnormal hair loss. Do not make this mistake like those people. Here we are telling you some tips to stop hair which will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Natural remedies to prevent hair loss

🔘 Adopt fruits and vegetables:-

You will know how beneficial fruits and vegetables are for our health. Since childhood, we have been hearing about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Proteins, minerals, and vitamins are needed to grow and strengthen hair. Which we can easily find in fruits and vegetables.
To make your hair healthy, you can use Amla, Carrot, Spinach, Gram, Onion, Rajma, Tomato, Soyabean and Ginger in your diet and also you can use seasonal fruits, sprouted grains and fresh fruits filled with vitamins. It can also do.

🔘 Avoid chemical shampoos and soaps:-

Many people especially girls use chemical-rich shampoos or soap repeatedly to make their hair look beautiful and strong. The use of the shampoo very often is harmful to the hair and can make the hair lifeless or weak instead of making it beautiful and healthy. Therefore, use less of these shampoos or soaps to wash hair. Instead, you can use Amla powder to wash hair.

🔘 Stay away from stress:-

We have told you what stress can harm us. If you take more stress then it makes your hair fall. So always keep yourself relaxed.

You can listen to meditation, exercise, a game or sports or music of your choice to reduce stress (Strech). By doing this your stress level will be reduced considerably and this will help in preventing your hair from falling out.

🔘 Remove hair kept with hot water:-

Never use too much hot water on hair while taking a bath or washing hair. Hair becomes weak and fragile with hot water. Use only cold or lukewarm water while bathing. By doing this your hair will not be stressed too much due to which they will remain strong and will not fall.

🔘 Massage hair with hot oil:-

Massaging with oil is very beneficial for our body because massaging increases blood circulation very fast. If this massage is done in the hair in the head, then it is tasty in the eyes. If your hair is constantly falling, then you must heat mustard oil lightly and massage the scalp.

Due to this, blood circulation in your hair will be very fast, due to which your Hair Folikils will become very healthy which will help in preventing hair loss.

🔘 Avoid combing wet hair:-

Whenever you wash your hair, do not ever hang it on wet hair. When your hair is wet, they are very weak and fragile, which can break easily. So always dry the wet hair comfortably with a towel or a cloth.
When your hair is dry then apply oil and massage them well and then comb your hair. Keep in mind that to comb hair always use a comb with thick teeth. This will make your hair long and strong.

🔘 Aloe vera: -

Aloe vera is a very healthy plant and is considered very high in Ayurveda. This aloe vera is also very beneficial for hair. Actually, the gels in aloe vera leave greatly benefit the hair. Apart from this, you can also use aloe vera powder. By making a paste of this powder and applying it to the hair, the hair becomes very strong.

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🔘 Exercise daily:-

Our body becomes very beautiful and strong by exercising. By exercising daily, blood is circulated in our body in a very good way. Due to which we get very beneficial mentally and physically and exercising daily reduces our stress too fast.

We should do exercise regularly on a daily basis. You can do daily walking, swimming, cycling or any sports.

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🔘 Avoid tying hair to something:-

Never tie your hair with any cloth or use a roller in your hair. Do not forget to use the same rubber band or grip in your wet hair. If you do this, then your hair starts pulling and they become very weak. Due to which there is a lot of possibility of their breakdown. So never stop hair.

🔘 Use of coconut oil:-

You can also use coconut to keep your hair healthy and strong. The use of coconut gives very benefit. You can use coconut oil for the protection of your hair. Continuous use of coconut oil makes our hair soft, shiny and healthy.

🔘 Use Amla:-

Amla fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin C in our body. This gooseberry also makes our hair shiny and strong and helps a lot in keeping hair black. You can use Amla oil for hair and it can also be eaten. Constant use of amla will make very Healthy Changes in your hair so that your hair will not be weakened and the hair will also get a new shine.

🔘 Must have a balanced and nutritious diet:-

Food is the main link to our good health. You can use protein, minerals, and vitamins to give proper diet to your hair. You can use non-vegetarian food, soy, sweet potato, sprouted grains, moong, milk, peanuts or gram. If your diet is good, then your hair will also be healthy. A good diet helps to grow your hair, strengthen it and prevent it from falling out.

Home remedies to prevent hair fall

Homemade Remedies for Hair Fall, Breakage and Dandruff

  • To add shine to your hair, apply lemon juice mixed with olive or mustard oil to the hair roots and then wash them with water after 4 hours. Your hair will become very shiny after this.
  • If your hair is dry or delicate then you should use honey in your hair to remove these hairs. Apply honey to your hair and then wash them with water after 1 hour. This will make your hair very soft.
  • Use sour curd in your hair. After some time wash the hair with water. This will make your hair soft.
  • To make your hair soft and soft, mix camphor and lemon juice in coconut oil and apply it to the hair roots.
  • To make your hair strong, you should apply mehndi in your hair. Mehndi closes the hair cuticles (hair cuticles), which causes hair to become stronger. You can use curd or egg paste in mehndi for your hair and use it for your hair.
  • You can use Green Tea to prevent your hair from falling out because tea has a high amount of anti-oxidants. Which are helpful in hair growth. You can make tea using a little Green Tea Bag in a glass of water and then after cooling the tea, apply it in the hair and wash the head after one hour.

To prevent hair fall, avoid these things

  • Do not use chemical products in the hair.
  • Hair should not be tied too much.
  • Avoid giving different directions to your hair.
  • Do not wash hair daily. Wash only 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Avoid fake hair to decorate yourself.
  • If after doing these remedies, your hair falls in a large amount, then you should immediately consult a doctor.
Friends, you read the reason for hair loss in this article and ways to prevent hair loss. If you want to keep your hair healthy, strong, shiny, dark, dense and broken, then follow the above-mentioned tips in your life.

By adopting these methods, you will surely benefit greatly and you will not be a victim of baldness like those who have not taken any measures or efforts to protect their hair from falling.

Preventing hair loss is not a difficult task, but if proper care, caution, and some things are avoided then hair loss is reduced very much. If you are among those whose hair fall has just started, then you should start taking precautions right now and adopt appropriate measures.

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