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Grandmother's recipe for cough, coughing, and coughing

Grandmother's recipe for cough, coughing, and coughing

Grandmother's recipe for cough, coughing, and coughing

Grandmother's recipe for cough, coughing, and coughing. Common problems such as coughs, allergies caused due to cold or weather changes, make people a victim. To get rid of cough, we seek remedies from the medical store by bringing cough medicine or cough syrup.

But you would be surprised to know that a study by researchers of the American Chemical Society has found that cough syrups are very less effective in relieving them. In addition, some clinical investigations have found that these drugs are no better than placebo.

But it is not that these drugs do not work. Just need to pay attention to what are the things from which your cough syrup is made. Actually, some harmful ingredients including artificial color, artificial flavor, sweetness, and high fructose corn syrup can harm your health.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about such grandmother's tips for dealing with cough, which will give you relief in cough relief without causing any harm.

Before knowing this grandmother's recipe, it is important for you to know what kind of cough it is.

Grandmother's recipe for cough, coughing, and coughing

Mucus cough

In mucous cough, your body starts producing mucus/phlegm and you should not suppress this type of cough as it helps in clearing the mucus in your chest and name. This type of cough is often associated with a viral illness such as common cold, lung, or upper airway infections (pneumonia, bronchitis), chronic lung disease, and smoking.

Dry cough

This cough can be caused by a common cold, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, or changes in the environment. So it is very important for you to know what can and cannot work for you in a cough.

Fix cough with grandmother's prescription

Drink lots of water

You remove a lot of water from your body while coughing. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated to remove toxins from the body.

Put a humidifier in the room

Since this is not an old-fashioned thing, but it is very effective because it does not allow your nose and throat to become dry. Drying of the throat and nose can worsen the situation. Those people, who have a sore throat, must use humidifiers in their room.

Drink ginger juice with honey and black pepper

Honey relaxes your throat like no other thing can. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. These two things are nothing short of the best prescription for your cough.

Drink ginger water

Ginger is nothing short of a miracle for colds, coughs, and sore throats. If you do not like ginger tea, then you put a piece of ginger in a glass of water and boil it for two to three minutes. Then strain the water and add some honey to it. If you want, you can keep this decoction in a kettle and drink it several times a day. This will work to give immediate relief to your sore throat.

Gargle with black salt

There can be no easier way than this. Heat a glass of water and add 1/4 teaspoon black salt to it. Now gargle two or three times a day with this water.

Drink homemade soup

You can also drink chicken soup or mixed veg soup to get relief from a runny nose. Try to get homemade soup because cornflour prepared in the market is used to thicken it, which is not very healthy.

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