Helpful habits to digest food

Helpful habits to digest food

Helpful habits to digest food

Take a walk 30 minutes after dinner and drink water after 45 minutes

Helpful habits to digest food. Eating nutritious and delicious food is not just about filling the stomach. It is also necessary to digest well, not cause any problems. The foundation of our health rests on the nutrition provided by food.

Health does not depend only on nutritious food. It also depends on how well the body digests the food. Digestion is the process by which the body converts food and beverages into energy. If the digestive system is not functioning properly, the food remains undigested, which affects the body's immunity. For this, it is necessary to sleep till ten o'clock at night, sleep 6-8 hours, avoid taking junk food, oily, high-calorie diet.

➥ This is how the digestive system works

When food enters, it mixes in gastric juice. There are three layers of muscles on the abdominal walls that are length, width, and oblique. With the help of liquid, it digests the food up and down and then sends it to the small intestine. After this, the food goes into the large intestine and is fully digested.

➥ Food within 2 hours of sunset.

Bile infestation increases after sunset. Therefore, meals should be taken from six to eight o'clock in the evening. Eating and waking late at night worsens digestion. This causes acidity, constipation. People who eat faster take more time to bowel discharge.

➥ 300 to 400 calories of food.

Dinner should not exceed 300-400 calories. It contains more fiber and protein. If you take milk, then after one and a half-hour of eating, you can take a glass of cream without milk. After 45 minutes of eating, 300-400 ml. Water should be drunk.

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➥ Light walk after 30 minutes.

You can do a light 15-minute walk after 30 minutes of a meal. If you have a heart patient, consult a doctor. Lie on the left side. Perform Vajrasana. Eat low GI (glycemic index) fruit one hour after dinner. But don't drink any juice etc.

➥ Increased obesity by sleeping immediately.

Obesity is increased by sleeping immediately after dinner at night. There may be a problem of reflux, the food that is eaten, after sleeping, it becomes irritant in the mouth. This causes the digestive system to deteriorate. Doing this for a long time can cause indigestion, infection, and then peptic ulcer.

➥ Patients should avoid taking these things.

Diabetes and heart patients should eat more fiber. Do not take any type of sweet, jaggery, sugar. Do not eat yellow egg and mutton. Kidney patients should not eat potassium and protein-rich things. Take the amount of water at night as per the consultation of the doctor.

➥ Smoking spoils digestion after eating.

Smoking: - After smoking, the nicotine from smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the liver. This worsens digestion. Doing this regularly can lead to lung and intestinal cancer.
Tea: - Drinking tea affects the body's ability to absorb iron. The tannic acid present in tea reduces the effect of protein and iron in food. This can cause iron deficiency in the body.
Eating fruit: - One hour before a meal and after two hours, fruit should be eaten. Failure to do so can cause problems like stomach irritation and indigestion because the presence of food in the stomach does not digest the nutritional elements, fiber, and natural sugar of the fruit.

Before meals, the brain sends a message to the empty stomach to prepare gastric juice. Digestion is the process by which the body and beverages convert into energy. Food does not digest when the digestive system is not functioning properly, which affects the body's immunity. "

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  1. Great post but it impossible for me to sleep till ten o'clock at night... (World in Eyes)

  2. I didn't know so many of the things listed here. I thought that whole after 6 thing was just for diet but reading now, it's really to aid digestion.

  3. I've been walking after dinner and I feel like it's helped a lot when it comes to digestion!

  4. Walking for 15-30 is my favorite way. I feel the need to move after eating.

  5. Such a great post and it's very informative. Everybody should know the proper way to make our food intake digest properly.

  6. Great tips on how to make digestion easier. I have to try these tips!

  7. Such a powerful post to remind us what goes on the inside of our bodies. Beautiful and powerful.

  8. These are amazing tips especially for someone like me who has difficulties digesting food properly. Thank you so so much for the awesome ideas.

  9. i think keeping your body moving after you eat is imperative. I will keep this in mind more often.

  10. The details are so precise and particular.


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