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These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer. If you take some herbs in your daily routine, it helps to prevent and control lung cancer. Come from Naturopathy Expert Pramod Bajpai.

Lung or lung cancer is cancer that is the deadliest cancer for both men and women and smoking is the main cause of cancer. This causes many women and men to die every year.

You will be surprised to know that in many countries the number of women dying of lung cancer is much higher than women who die of breast cancer. The number of patients with lung cancer is increasing rapidly.

Excessive smoking and intoxication cause lung cancer when the amount of tar in the lungs increases significantly. Apart from this, if the TB is not treated properly or if the patient leaves the course of TB medicine in half, the chances of lung cancer also increase.

Naturopathy Expert Pramod Bajpai of Swami Parmanand Naturopathy Hospital (SPPC) is believed to be the biggest cause of smoking lung cancer. Smoking affects not only cigarette smokers but also those exposed to smoke.

So it is very important to keep a distance from it. "Naturopathy Expert Pramod also says that" It is very important to change your lifestyle and include some herbs besides quitting smoking. Some herbs like Giloy, Tulsi, Vasa help prevent and control this problem if you take it in your daily routine. "Let's learn about these Ayurvedic herbs from Naturopathy Expert Pramod Bajpai.

⑴ Giloy is a powerful anti-oxidant

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

Naturopathy Expert Pramod has described Giloy as the best Ayurvedic medicine to avoid lung cancer. According to him, calcium, protein, phosphorus, and starch in stem are present in Giloy leaves. By using it, your immunity drugs and the drug helps to fight immunity diseases.

Also, the biggest enemy of the virus is helpful in preventing Giloy infection. It is the best antibiotic and the powerful anti-oxidant present in its roots helps in the prevention of cancer. You will easily find Giloy Vati in the market. Take one tablet of it daily.

⑵ Mulethi calms Vata, Kapha, and Pitta

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

Sore throat or cough, sucking licorice provides relief. Apart from this, there are many such qualities in Mulethi, which you might not have known before. It is a very effective medicine. Using licorice is beneficial not only for the throat but also for stomach and lung cancer.

According to Ayurveda, Mulethi calms the three doshas - Vata, Kapha, and bile due to its unique properties. It works in the treatment of cancer after acting as a powerful analgesic agent. Taking a small quantity of licorice daily is beneficial.

⑶ Kantkari or Ghatkaiya

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

Bharatiya A small thorny plant with thorns on its leaves. Bharatiya root works as a medicine. It is pungent, digestive and inflammatory, and helps in curing stomach diseases. It is useful for many types of health problems other than the stomach, especially for lung cancer.

If you include it in your daily routine, the risk of lung cancer can be avoided. Taking 20 to 40 ml decoction of the root of Bhatkataiya or 2 to 5 ml juice of its leaves in the morning and evening is beneficial.

⑷ Basil is a powerful medicine

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

Tulsi is a very effective medicine, its list of properties is very long. Yes, the use of basil leaves is beneficial in many diseases. Tulsi has amazing anti-oxidant properties that detox the body well.

According to Naturopathy Expert Pramod, "Tulsi leaves contain an element called eugenol which is very effective in preventing cancer." Anti-cancer drugs can be prepared with the help of this element. If you consume 5 basil leaves daily, then you can avoid the risk of cancer and your immunity is also stroked. ''

⑸ 5 gooseberry-like land gooseberry

These 5 ayurvedic herbs are the era of lung cancer

Bhumi or Bhui Amla is a small plant. There is a small fruit under its leaf, which looks like amla. This is why it is called Bhui Amla. It is also called Bhumi Amla or Bhum Dhatri. This plant is very useful for the liver.

Many poisonous elements are found in the body which is very harmful to the body. If you want to get these poisonous elements out of the body, then eat ground gooseberry. It has an amazing ability to remove toxic elements of the body. But apart from this, it is helpful in removing many diseases of the body, especially lung cancer. Brew of Indian gooseberry and basil leaves should be drunk.