Full Body Body-weight Workout

Full Body Body-weight Workout and bodybuilding for busy people

Full Body Body-weight Workout
Now do your full-body workout in a short time, which will keep you fit

Full Body Body-weight Workout. After going to the gym, your mind gets confused many times which exercises you should do. Because of which you often do wrong exercises. Sometimes you get an injury due to the wrong exercise. At the same time, you also want to lose weight.

In such a situation, the biggest challenge before you is which exercises to do? Due to which you also have weight loss and you do not get any injury. Along with this, you often have a shortage of time. Because of which you are unable to complete your workout.

Looking at the same problem, today we will tell you some such exercises. By doing these, you can do your full-body workout. This means that these exercises engage the muscles of your entire body as well as target them well.

Full Body Body-weight Workout - Do your fat burn with push-ups

Full Body Body-weight Workout

Push-ups are an exercise that cannot be denied with countless benefits. It has been revealed in many research that push-ups target many muscles of your body. For this, neither do you need any machine nor any dumbbell and barbell.

This is an exercise that you can do anywhere and at any time. The expert also believes that this is an exercise that engages your core as well. That is, when you do this exercise, it also works well on your stomach.
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How to do push-ups

While doing push-ups, you have to spread your fingers and palms on the floor. You have to take maximum floor support with your fingers. After that, you have to press with your fingers and palm towards the floor so that there will be pressure on the floor. After this, you will get reverse pressure on the floor.

You have to press lightly while going down with your palms and press lightly while coming up. You do not have to put any kind of stress on your shoulders. You also have to rotate your elbow and biceps, triceps. So that your holder is absolutely tension-free.

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Full Body Body-weight Workout - Do your belly fat loss with crunches

Full Body Body-weight Workout

Crunches exercise core/belly daily so it also increases your muscle strength. There are many deep muscles in your belly. Which is very important to target. These muscles protect your beck and your spine.

How to do crunches

The first thing you need to do is to lie down on a mat or floor. After this, you have to bend your knee. After this, you will have to take care that your feet do not move around. After that, you have to lightly keep both your hands behind your neck.

Make sure that your hands are not tight. Then you have to bring your body upper body towards your feet. In this, you have to take special care that only your chest part has to be brought upwards. Stick your waist to the floor or mat. You should keep your hands loose. Then you have to go backward in exactly the same position. You also have to take special care that you do not force your hand with your hands.

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Do your full-body workout with lunges

Lunges are also very beneficial for you in fat loss. Exercising with exercises with weight reduces fat quickly. Because this exercise targets your big muscles. The effect of which lasts until after exercise.

That is, the calories you burn in the gym, after that when you rest at home, then your body also burns calories to repair the muscles. Due to which there is the fat burning in your resting zone.

Do like lunges

While doing this exercise you always have to keep in mind that if you are a beginner then you should do it without weight. Apart from this, you do not have to bow your arms forward. Keep your hands on your rib cage.

And you should have chest up. Your front leg should be bent properly which makes a 90-degree angle. After this, you have to bend your back leg with a long back. You also have to keep your back very straight.

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