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Keep yourself healthy in this Ram Navami 2020, fast also, follow these tips

Keep yourself healthy in this Ram Navami 2020, fast also, follow these tips

Worship Lord Ram on Ram Navami 2020 (02/04/2020) in this way, every wish will be fulfilled. Some people ignore their health while fasting.

The festival of Ramnavami is celebrated on the Navami of Chaitra Shukla. Chaitra Navratri also ends on the day of Ram Navami.
Keep yourself healthy in this Ram Navami 2020, fast also, follow these tips

The festival of Ramnavami is celebrated on the Navami of Chaitra Shukla. Chaitra Navratri also ends on the day of Ramnavami. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Shri Ram was born on this day, so devotees celebrate this auspicious date as Ram Navami. This festival is celebrated with reverence and faith in India. According to belief, on this day, people take part in virtue by bathing in holy rivers.

Ram Navami 2020 Pujan

The worship of Ramnavmi is of special importance to devotees in a pure and sattvic form. On this day, the devotees observe fast and fast while remembering Lord Rama, retired from bathing etc. in the morning. Lord Ram is worshiped and worshiped on this day. Devotees listen to and recite the story of Lord Rama in temples etc. Along with this, Bhandare and Prasad are distributed to the devotees. Lord Ram's entire life was devoted to public welfare. Listening to his story, devotees become enchanted and celebrate the festival of Ram Navami while worshiping the hymns of the Lord.

Story of Ram birth

According to the Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Ram in the deathbed to end the atrocities of Ravana in Tretayuga and re-establish the religion. Lord Ramchandra was born in the house of King Dasharatha on the Navami day of Chaitra Shukla. After his birth, the entire creation was seen colored in his own color. There was an atmosphere of joy all around. As if nature was too eager to welcome Lord Shri Ram. Lord Shri Ram was born to destroy the demons on earth. In the Treta Yuga, Rama appeared as Maryada Purushottam to end the terror created by Ravana and the demons. They are also called Raghukul Nandan.

Keep yourself healthy in this Ram Navami 2020, fast also, follow these tips

Importance of Ram Navami 2020

The importance of the festival of Ramnavami has been important in the Hindu religion civilization. With this festival, the Navratri of Maa Durga is also concluded. It is known to us from the fact that Lord Shri Ram also worshiped Goddess Durga and the power worship performed by him gave him victory in the war of religion. Thus, the celebration of these two important festivals together increases the importance of the festival even more.

It is said that on this day Goswami Tulsidas also started the creation of Ramcharit Manas. The fast of Ramnavami is decaying of sins and gives auspicious results. On the occasion of Ramnavami, prayers and bhajan-kirtan are organized all over the country. In every corner of the country, one can hear the echo of the Ram Navami festival. On this day, people fast and remember Lord Rama with Bhajan Kirtan.

Some people ignore their health while fasting. They strictly follow the tradition of eating only once a day and remaining waterless until the last meal, eating salt only once a day, and eating only potatoes. It is not strictly appropriate for people who have chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure and pregnant women. Such patients may have life-threatening problems and the fast should be taken with extreme caution with the advice of a doctor.

The National President of the IMA, Dr. K.K. Agarwal said, "If the body gets the proper quality of nutrition, then keeping fast can have very positive effects on the body. Patients who have heart problems are advised not to eat fried things like potato dumplings and potato processed chips. He said that patients suffering from diabetes should open their fast at the same time when their blood sugar level goes below 60 mg. They should also keep taking plenty of liquid food during the day because dehydration in the body can cause paralysis or heart attack. Fasting is less in patients with type 2 diabetes, but patients with type 1 diabetes should not keep fast at all.

Dr. Aggarwal said that it is very important to consult the doctor while fasting patients suffering from chronic diseases, because of regular running
There may be a need to reduce the dosage of medicines by 40 to 50 percent due to fasting. ”

Some Healthy Tips  in this Ram Navami 2020 :

  • Eat gourd raita instead of plain yogurt
  • Almonds can be eaten in between
  • Eat Kutratu Flour Bread with Pumpkin
  • After a while keeps eating the proper amounts of fruits so that nutrients remain in the body.
  • Mix and cook water chestnut and kattu flour
  • Water chestnut is not a grain, but a fruit, so it can be used instead of grain
  • Water chestnut flour does not contain gluten, so patients suffering from celiac disease or allergic to gluten can use it.

Ram Navami 2020: Chant this mantra for economic prosperity

राम नवमी को चैत्र माह की नवमी को मनाया जाता है। कहा जाता है कि इस दिन अयोध्या के राजा दशरथ के पुत्र राम का जन्म हुआ था। इस दिन को रामजन्मोत्सव के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इस दिन
Meaning of that,  Ram Navami is celebrated on the Navami of Chaitra month. It is said that Rama, the son of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya was born on this day. This day is celebrated as Ramjanmotsav. On this day