Stay at Home

Stay at Home

Become a partner in the war against Corona by staying at home.
Given the threat of Kovid-19, the luxury hotel asked the employees to stay in the house

Stay at Home

A stay-at-home parent is a parent who stays at home while another parent works outside the home. Stay-at-home parents are usually responsible for household chores, including the upbringing of children. Historically, stay-at-home mothers were more common, but in-home dads have become more common since the increasing presence of women in the workplace starting in the late twentieth century.

The terror of Corona dominates the whole world.

More than 8,000 people worldwide have lost their lives due to this virus infection and more than two lakh people are still in the grip of this infection.

The infection of this virus had started spreading from China, but the Chinese government claimed that there was not a single domestic case of infection in the country on Wednesday.

Now the trouble is increasing in other Asian countries, where the infection is spreading from people who have returned from other countries.

In such a situation, governments of many countries including India have advised people to stay at home as far as possible.

Stay at Home

A stay-at-home dad (alternatively, full-time father, stay-at-home father, house dad, househusband, or house-husband) is a father who is the main caretaker of the children and is usually the home. Housewife. As families degenerate, the practice of becoming a stay-at-home father has become more common and socially acceptable. Pre-industrialization, the family worked together as a unit and was self-sufficient. When affection-based marriages emerged in the 1930s, parents began to pay more attention to children and more open family relationships.

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Towards the end of the 20th century, the number of dads living at home began to increase gradually, especially in developed Western countries. A report released in June 2014 by Pew Research recently found that 2 million men found homemade dads to live in the US. However, in 2010, the number of dads had reached a peak of 2.2 million instead of living.

Although this role is subject to many stereotypes, and men may face difficulties in accessing parental benefits, communities, and services targeted at parents, it became socially acceptable by the 2000s. By the 2000s, stay-at-home dad was more regularly portrayed in the media, especially in the United States. However, due to traditional family structures and conservative expectations, the father figure of the household is culturally unacceptable outside the West.

New Delhi. The coronavirus has engulfed large parts of the world. There is no need to tell you how serious the situation is. This pandemic has killed more than 17 thousand people in the world. Lockdown is present across the country. We also know that there is no cure for this virus, the only precaution can prevent it. The doctors are struggling with this, you are also fighting a kind of war that you are at home following the advice of the administration and health department. You are helping the country and society by staying at home in the war against Corona fast pacing. In such a situation, we want that we tell your point to the country.

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