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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Female Muscle Growth - Easy Ways to Make Muscles

Female Muscle Growth

Female Muscle Growth: In today's busy life, we do not pay attention to ourselves. And even if you want, due to a lack of correct information, you sit at your own disadvantage. 

Nowadays, a variety of advertisements come on TV which are selling your medicines to strengthen your muscles. Then no matter what the medicines are.

And you have ever thought about how harmful this medicine is. So today we will talk about some ways to make you a problem that you can try at a low cost and at home.

Calorie Amount:

To strengthen the muscles, first of all, increase your calorie intake because when you exercise you will need calories for that. Be careful not to eat more calories than you need and talk to a good health advisor.

Female Muscle Growth: Compound exercises

Female Muscle Growth

More than one muscle is used in this exercise. A compound exercise is the best exercise to strengthen muscles. It uses weights and wires to strengthen muscles.

Exercise in the morning

Female Muscle Growth

There are many benefits to exercising in the morning. When you do an empty stomach workout in the morning, it makes your muscles stronger.

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Digestive enzymes

Female Muscle Growth

When you want to strengthen your muscles, you have to eat the same food that gives strength to your body. Because you are exercising, therefore you should eat food that has more nutrients.

Drink more water

Female Muscle Growth

Drink plenty of water. Do not let your body lack water. Drink 10-20 glasses of water a day from work to work.

Female Muscle Growth: Squatted down

Female Muscle Growth

Sitting on the floor is very helpful in strengthening the muscles, but if you sit in the wrong way, there may be problems in your knees.

Female Muscle Growth: Do deadlifts

Female Muscle Growth

Deadlifts help to strengthen muscles, lifting weights daily. Lifting weight is very important in strengthening muscles.

Female Muscle Growth: Protein

Female Muscle Growth

Protein is very important for repairing and building muscles. People who go to the gym have to do a lot of muscle exercise, keeping this in mind should take more protein. Eat eggs, chicken, fish, sprouts, and pulses, etc. It is better to consume natural sources than supplements. Drink plenty of water. Along with this, coconut water is also beneficial.

Female Muscle Growth: Right way

Female Muscle Growth

Weight training is necessary to strengthen the muscles, but along with it, exercises done properly are also necessary.

Female Muscle Growth: Eating after exercise

Female Muscle Growth

Carbohydrates and proteins are good for muscle strengthening. Carbohydrate is the amino acid that is made of insulin and it gives strength to the muscles.

Female Muscle Growth: Sleep

Female Muscle Growth

Your body needs at least eight hours of sleep, which you can exercise with the same vigor on the second day.

Female Muscle Growth: Food to strengthen muscles

Female Muscle Growth

Meat can be a good source of muscle strengthening. Meat contains a lot of protein, which is very helpful in making the muscles healthy and strong. The meat of chicken in meat is very beneficial for the body.

Female Muscle Growth: Must in fat diet

Female Muscle Growth

Fat is very important for us, in this you can eat nuts and fish which will give you strength.

Female Muscle Growth: Need cardio

Female Muscle Growth

Include cardio in your exercise as well, this will strengthen your muscles.

Remember that bodybuilding takes time

Bodybuilding may not occur in a day. This is a long process in which you will see the difference only after spending a lot of time. If you have just started bodybuilding, first of all learn the basics very well.

Here are 5 best leg exercises for strong and heavy legs

Every beginner wants to tone his upper body by going to the gym. He wants his
  • Muscular chest
  • Heavy and V shape back
  • Strong biceps
  • Broad shoulders
Are But he pays very little attention to his lower body.

Lower body means - legs muscles!

Legs muscles increase the strength of humans and they are also very attractive in appearance.

Now whether he is a bodybuilder, athlete, or a stuntman. All those who do such dangerous stunts, or lift heavy weights, have a very important role in their strong legs. So it is important that you also pay attention to your leg workouts so that you too can tone this muscle.

Today I am telling you about 5 legs exercise, which will enable you to develop your muscles.

It is also important to know about leg muscles

The largest muscles of the lower body are the legs. It is divided into these parts.

1. Quadriceps
The muscles that make up the quadriceps are the strongest and thinner among all the muscles in the body. These four muscles in the front of the thigh are the major extensors of the knee (helping to straighten the leg).

2. Hamstrings
The hamstrings undergo three muscles in the back of the thigh that affect the movement of the hips and knees. They start from the gluteus maximus behind the hipbone and connect to the tibia (bowl) at the knee.

3. Calf
Kapha muscles are most important for the movement of the ankle, foot, and toes.

Legs exercise

1. Barbell Squat

Female Muscle Growth

A good workout for the legs starts at the squat and ends at the squat itself. You may have been doing squats mostly without weight, but now by adding some weight to it, with the help of barbel, you can get better results.

How to do :

For this, you put your feet together and your heel on 25-pound plates. This allows you to focus more on the external sweep of the quads, which helps you get into the right position.

If you are doing this exercise for the first time with Barbell, then you set up some warm-ups. In order to heat the foot muscles, do lightweight and high reps in the first set.

Then for further workouts, place the barbel as shown in the photo on the back and then apply the squat. Keep in mind that gradually increase the weight according to your ability.

Apply 4 sets of 12-15 reps. You can also take support from a partner if you want to.

2. Lunges

Female Muscle Growth

It is somewhat more challenging than squats. In this, you also work on your coffee and core muscles and tone your lower body.

How to do :

For this, you hold dumbbells or plates in your hand and first move your right leg back and stand back straight while touching the knee to the ground. Then you have to repeat the same with your left leg.

If you want, you can do it by walking, just band the leg forward so that the knee of your back foot can touch the floor below.

First you apply three sets of 20 reps and then increase according to capacity.

3. Leg Extension

Female Muscle Growth

For this exercise, you have to use the machine shown in the photo. By the end of this workout, the muscles on your feet, ie, glutes, hamstrings, quads will create tension.

How to do :

To do this, sit on the seat and then bring the weight to the top with the help of your feet as shown in the photo. This will create more tension in your quadriceps. Just keep in mind, you have to bring your feet all the way down and all the way up.

Your speed should be slow and not fast. In this also you have to increase the weight gradually according to your ability. Apply 4 sets of 12-15 reps.

4. Leg Press

Female Muscle Growth

This exercise increases the power and strength of the body. If you have a pin-loaded leg press machine, your training can be easier.

If you do not have a press machine like this, you can do this exercise on a regular press machine, just keep in mind that as soon as you bring the weight down, hold it for 2 seconds.

How to do :

To do this exercise, you have to sit on the seat and fix the feet on the plates facing the front. Do not keep the feet too close nor too far.

Just take care to keep your entire feet on the plates, do not take the claws out of the machine. If you do this, you will not be able to push the weight up completely.

Increase the weight gradually according to the capacity and for this exercise you can do 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

5. Leg Curl

Female Muscle Growth

It is very similar to the exercise leg extension, the only difference is that the leg extension had a predominantly toned muscle tone and hamstring.

How to do :

To perform this exercise, you also have to sit on the seat of the machine shown in the photo and then hamstring or pull the weight inwards to create tension on your hamstring muscles.

Then slowly drop the weight downwards. Be careful not to lift the weight in one stroke, otherwise, your knee may get hurt.

Apply 4 sets of 12-15 reps and increase the weight according to the capacity.

Apart from this, you can also do simple squats, split squats, box jump, kaf Raz, deadlift, hack squat, etc. as per your trainer's advice.

Before doing these exercises, do consult an expert, as he will be able to tell you about the right exercise according to your body type.

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