Benefits of yoga and types of yoga for internal & external organs

Benefits of yoga and types of yoga for internal & external organs

Benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga: Yoga is the action to keep the internal and external organs of the body healthy. Until the internal and external organs of our body are healthy, we cannot do any work well. Body and mind are closely related. One cannot be cared for by neglecting the other. 

That is why thousands of years ago, the people of Greece reside in 'A healthy body is a healthy body' (A sound mind in a sound body) All its education system was based on this principle.

Benefits of yoga: Yoga and Its Importance

The excreta and disorders that arise in the body through various daily bodily functions and eating are carried out of the body through seven paths: (1) by right-left nostrils, (2) by right-handed eyes, ( 3) by right-left ears, (4) by mouth, (5) by anus, (6) by genitals and (7) by the skin. 

Most of the diseases occur only if the excreta of the body does not regularly come out of the body through these seven mediums. By the Yogasana method, excreta, etc. keep coming out of the body easily. As a result, the body remains completely healthy. The awareness of yoga and its scientific confirmation in a few years has made yoga famous all over the world. Patanjali Ayurveda has a huge contribution.

Today, we are roaming with clumsy bodies due to not eating the right food and not being able to do the right labor. If you have to sit on the floor for a few moments, it becomes very difficult. It is the same for night sleep. After all the stress and fatigue of the day, you are lying in bed, but sleep is difficult, if there is no proper eating and proper exercise, then the movements will have to change overnight.

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga and types of yoga for internal & external organs

  1. In other exercise methods, the internal organs of the body do not get enough exercise, while the yoga system provides a sufficient amount of exercise to the internal organs of the body. Through this, a person can live healthy for a long time with yoga.
  2. Yoga posture requires very little space and little means. A person can do yoga alone.
  3. Yogasana has more effect on the mind and senses than other methods of exercise. Due to this, the inner power of the person to control the mind and senses develops.
  4. In Yogasan, the body does not spend much energy, so there is no need to take more food, so there is no need to spend special.
  5. Yoga posture makes the body flexible. It energizes the body, increases the power to work and puberty persists for longer.
  6. The blood of different capillaries of the body can be purified quickly by different yogas.
  7. The benefits of Yogasan are also very much for reducing obesity (which is a fatal disease) because doing yoga reduces fat.
  8. Yoga asanas and pranayama increase the power to shrink and expand the lungs. Due to which the blood is purified in greater quantity.
  9. The body's health and health depend on the flexibility of the spine. With posture, the spinal cord can be kept flexible.
  10. Very little power is used while doing yoga asanas. Hence fatigue is felt less. That's why yoga posture is also called 'non-violent action'. Therefore, the benefits of Yogasan are many.
  11. The benefits of Yogasana are not only for the body but also for the mind and brain as well, the yoga posture experiences peace of mind. Due to this, mental power increases and intelligence develops.
  12. With Yogasan, various glands of the body can be awakened, due to which the required amount of juice (Metabolism) is produced. This juice mixed with blood makes the body balanced.
  13. By doing yoga, the body's immunity increases because it increases the white blood particles in the blood.
  14. By doing some special yoga, the heartbeat increases due to which the blood flow increases rapidly, which can play a role in removing the blockage of frozen fast in the veins, which reduces the possibility of serious illness like a heart attack. By the way, if there is any heart-related disease, do yoga only with the advice of your doctor. Read our post for more information, these 25 precautions are necessary while doing yoga
  15. Constipation, gas, diabetes, blood pressure, hernia, headache, etc. can be eradicated by yoga posture and pranayama.
  16. Along with physical and mental development, intellectual and spiritual development is also possible through yoga asana.
  17. Older men and women can also do yoga asana. It is a purely Indian exercise system. Our sages adopted this system for thousands of years. Due to which they were healthy for a long time.
  18. Yoga lowers blood sugar and LDL ("bad") cholesterol and increases HDL ("good") cholesterol. That is why heart patients and Diabetes diabetics should do yoga regularly.
  19. Yoga Asana strengthens the heart and knowledge system and enhances its efficiency. The mind gets peace.
  20. By practicing yoga asana, the body and mind get a lot of rest in a short time. Corrected breathing provides more comfort than sleep.
  21. There is no impurity in the body of a person who does yoga regularly, so his mind always remains calm and happy.

Useful information: To get the full benefit from Yogasan, the following rules should be followed:

Benefits of yoga and types of yoga for internal & external organs

To get maximum benefits of yoga asana, yoga asana should be done in the morning after getting rid of defecation. If Yogasan is done after bathing, then it is even better, because by bathing the body becomes light and vibrant. Also, Yogasanas can be done easily. If you want to take a bath after yoga, one should use hot water rather than cold water. Yogasanas can be done even before having a meal in the evening.

The place of doing yoga asana should be flat, clean, airy, light, and calm. Yogasana should be done by laying a carriage or a pedestal on the ground.

While doing yoga asanas, one should dress according to the weather. Read more information - these 25 precautions are necessary while doing yoga

Classification Of Yoga / Yoga is classified into four main parts.

Bhakti Yoga: Path of devotion or love.

Jnana Yoga: Knowledge and Self-knowledge mean knowing yourself.

Karma Yoga: The path to do karma.

Raja Yoga: the path to control the mental (mind).

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