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Health benefits of treadmill exercise - advantages and disadvantages

Health benefits of treadmill exercise - advantages and disadvantages

Health benefits of treadmill exercise - advantages and disadvantages

Health benefits of treadmill exercise:- Treadmill, also known as a running machine in common language, is very popular in many gyms and homes these days. Walking or running on the treadmill leads to good exercise, which often gives good exercise to all parts of the body. 

Walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes or an hour every day improves your health. Jogging or running provides these benefits to the body - bones are strengthened, flexibility is made in the joints of the knees, muscles increase, body weight decreases, it reduces the risk of heart diseases like heart blockage, High blood pressure, prevents diabetes, increases stamina and strength of the body, it is also very good for your mental health.

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Walking on the treadmill keeps the whole body fit. Regularly running on the treadmill keeps the blood circulation in the body fine and it also reduces the risk of diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes. Whether you are looking for some ways to lose weight or to make your body healthy or strong then the treadmill is definitely a good tool for your home.

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Information about treadmills: There are 2 types of treadmills available in the market - the first is a manual treadmill, which does not require electricity to run, and the second is an electric treadmill with an electric motor, which runs on electricity. It is usually easier to run on an automatic treadmill because it has many functions that allow you to run on it for a long time. The advantages of a manual treadmill are similar to that of an automatic treadmill, just some of the features are definitely lacking.

Health benefits of Treadmill Exercise

Health benefits of treadmill exercise - advantages and disadvantages

  • Running on the treadmill is an easy task, especially for those who are short on time, or for some reason they do not want to go out of the house to exercise.
  • You are much safer while walking on the treadmill because the person running on its surface is fully aware of its running track so there is no risk of stumbling, falling, or sprained legs while getting bumpy while running outside. - Running on a bumpy road, broken track or sidewalk may present a risk of falls, especially for overweight people.
  • The treadmill machine's trek is designed to connect the knees and bones to avoid overpressure and jerks. Some machines also come with a shock absorber which does not damage the knees and bones during fast running.
  • You can run on the treadmill machine in any season, but you always have to depend on the weather before going outside to run. Heavy rain, fog, pollution, and running in strong sunlight are the best losses.
  • You will be able to breathe more clean air than running on a treadmill machine, especially if you live in the city. It is generally considered good to exercise in the open air but if there is a lot of traffic, factory, etc. around the runner then it is wise to use the treadmill. By walking, running, running, or doing any other hard work, the body needs more oxygen, so our breath becomes faster. In the meantime, small poisonous particles enter the lungs with breath through contaminated air. Which can cause many serious diseases?
  • Most people give up exercising because they do not have a fixed routine, so they often do not exercise by making routines. You can exercise in the comfort of your home whenever you want, for this you do not have any time, weather restriction, even if you wake up late one day, your running routine will not end. If you go out jogging at 10 or 11 in the morning, it will feel a bit strange but at home, you get complete freedom to do jogging at any time.
  • The machine is completely controlled by the person running on the treadmill, in most automatic machines the machine can be set according to your ability and habit such as - how much speed you can run at most, how much speed you can make in the first seven minutes But you can run when your body becomes completely hot, after which you can run all the information in advance at which speed you can save in the machine so that the machine runs according to your capacity.
  • There are handles to hold on to the machine while running which helps to maintain the balance of the body while there is no support while running in the open so there is a greater risk of falling.
  • This machine is not very large, so it can easily fit in any corner of the house or bedroom and all the members of the house can exercise using the same machine.
  • Some treadmills also have features that show how many steps you have taken or how many kilometers you have run, as well as a heartbeat on the heart rate monitor to track the progress of your fitness.
  • Running on the treadmill kills calories faster, which is much more than all the exercises usually done at home. This is the most important point in reducing obesity.
  • While running on the treadmill, you can also do many other things during this time, such as watching TV or reading a book, many people feel very boring and boring to exercise, such people must use the treadmill.
  • Running reduces the level of sugar, which helps to reduce type 2 diabetes and also reduces other serious complications of diabetes.
  • Running on the treadmill is also beneficial for strengthening the joints and also relieves joint pain.

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Loss of running or running on the treadmill. Disadvantages of Treadmill exercise

Health benefits of treadmill exercise - advantages and disadvantages

  • Although the term loss should not be used because any exercise if done properly has no disadvantages, yet it is our duty to make you aware of some low-profit points, so let's know some of the disadvantages of the treadmill.
  • The surface of the treadmill on which it is run is sometimes not properly designed, it can cause back tremors, or it can put more stress on the knee and ankle joints. Therefore it is very important to test the surface of the treadmill before buying, as well as it is important to use the treadmill carefully in the beginning, otherwise you may also face many physical problems.
  • Using the treadmill always gives you the experience of running in one season, while in the open you can run in different seasons while running in the open keeps changing the view in front of your eyes. Boredom is not felt.
  • If you want to become a running champion or want to run to participate in a competition, then it would be better for you to run in the open field outside, not on the treadmill.
  • For some people, the high price of the treadmill can also be a reason that they should not show interest in using it.
  • Like other equipment, the treadmill also needs regular service, especially an electric treadmill, so you should be prepared for this expense.
  • Most people either exercise to lose weight or for bodybuilding. You can only run or walk on the treadmill, so this machine will not be able to help you in muscle building or bodybuilding. However, it can help you achieve a natural body shape such as reducing the belly and reducing the fat around the waist to create an attractive body shape.

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HBT Team's conclusion: - Overall, the treadmill is more beneficial for people who are short on time, or people who are overweight and jogging outside, they feel the risk of falling. People who live in an urban polluted environment where there is neither open space to run nor clean air. Treadmills are also beneficial for such people who live in the mountains because running on a fluctuating surface is very difficult and risky.

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