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13 home remedies to get good sleep

13 home remedies to get good sleep

Home remedies to get good sleep

Home remedies to get good sleep: In this post, we will tell you 13 home remedies to get good sleep, which will help you get rid of sleeplessness, without any side effects because it is made entirely from natural food ingredients.

13 home remedies to get good sleep/ways to remove sleepiness

  1. For good sleep, before sleeping at night, take 600 ml of 20 g jasmine flowers. Boil it in water and then take a bath by mixing it in water, it will help to sleep well and keeps the brain fresh.
  2. Eat apple marmalade before bedtime, it is very helpful in getting deep sleep.
  3. Boil an apple piece in two glasses of water, then cool it and mash the apple, sieve the water, and then add salt according to your taste.
  4. Drinking lemon juice, honey mixed with a glass of water at the time of sleeping on the sleep of Anindra patients will be good.
  5. Massaging the gourd oil on the head at night leads to good sleep. This is a good home recipe for sleep.
  6. Method of making bottle gourd oil - In a cup of desi ghee or coconut oil or sesame oil (use only one of them), add gourd juice and boil it on low flame so that all the water is the dry and only oil, in the end, Remain then fill the remaining oil in a bottle and use it. Know the best 29 medicinal properties of gourd juice
  7. Remedies for removing sleeplessness - Anindra patients should make a one-inch thick pillow of fenugreek and place this pillow on their pillow and sleeping on it will give them deep sleep.
  8. In the night of the sleep of Anindra patients, pour two drops of lukewarm ghee in both the nostrils of the nose and then breath through the nose and then massage two-three ghee drops on the navel. Doing this opens the nose, which will not cause snoring, it is a good home recipe to get good sleep.
  9. Wash 30 grams of fresh pomegranate leaves and boil in half a liter of water, when half the water is left in it, then adding this same amount of milk, drinking it eliminates mental and physical fatigue and leads to deep sleep.
  10. Anindra patients should drink three leaves of saffron in warm milk at bedtime, this is the best way to get good sleep.
  11. Drink powdered black pepper, fennel, and sugar mixed in yogurt, it is very beneficial for deep sleep.
  12. Drinking warm milk before going to bed also helps to get good sleep, if a little honey is added to the milk, it is even better. Tea, coffee, and alcohol should not be consumed in the evening.
  13. To get a night of good sleep, take a bath with lukewarm water before going to bed. After this drink light hot milk. Calcium is a natural stress-relieving mineral. If you have sleeplessness, take three to four tablets of calcium lactate with milk. This is a good home recipe for sleep. Also, read - 12 food enhancing memory and brain-boosting.
  14. The ayurvedic remedy to get good sleep- Jatamansi, Khorasani parsley, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Mithivach, grind all these fifty grams and Ankara five grams and make powder, then it is 250 in five grams Boil it with milk and drink a glass before going to bed at night, it is a panacea to relieve sleepiness. Ref. Dr. Om Prakash Saxena
  15. Apart from all these, the consumption of cherries, bananas, almond herbal tea, etc. are also helpful in the deep sleep lane.