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Dry skin care tips at home - Home remedies for dry skin

Dry skin care tips at home - Home remedies for dry skin

Dry skin care tips at home - Home remedies for dry skin

Dry skin care tips at home: Beautiful, clean, and shiny skin is wanted by everyone, and why not? After all, there are less common skin problems. Dry and oily skin has a lot of skin related problems.

In many people, dry skin is not a sign of a problem or disease but rather is caused by harsh soaps, itching-inducing clothes, incorrect use of moisturizer, and prolonged bathing with hot water. But the medicines you take and even some diseases like diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, and malnutrition, etc. can cause skin dryness. Read on to understand how and why these problems dry out your skin.

There is a thin layer of natural fat on normal, healthy skin. It maintains moisture in the skin and also helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Dry skin has many causes. Generally, what you use on your skin is less natural for the skin and maybe unsafe. Sometimes it happens due to internal reasons like your health, menopause or genetic predisposition, etc.

While dry, itchy skin spots can appear anywhere on the body. These spots occur most frequently on the hands, lower legs, and abdomen. Dry skin is more felt than seen, but in some people, it is drier, which can be embarrassing. Dry skin is a particular concern in many black people, as they may have gray spots on their skin.

Causes and treatment of dry skin

Dry skin care tips at home - Home remedies for dry skin

If dry skin is left untreated, it can sometimes cause atopic dermatitides such as skin irritation, inflammation, and infection. The good thing is that most of the causes of dry skin are external, so they can also be treated by external methods. You can solve this problem by taking care of dry skin. But for this, it is very important to first know the reason for dry skin, which are as follows:

Skin dryness may occur due to incorrect use of moisturizer

Reason - If your skin is dry, you may have already applied moisturizer, etc., and not one but you may have tried several moisturizers. In fact, moisturizers are an important part of dry skincare, but experts say that people do not use them properly and well.

The biggest mistake some people make when applying moisturizer is that they apply it directly to dry skin. In that case, it does not work properly.

Treatment - Use moisturizer when your skin is slightly moist. That is, it is best to apply the skin immediately after bathing or immediately after washing hands. Because by doing this the moisturizer keeps the skin moisture in the skin itself. Now do not even use it on wet skin. After bathing or washing hands and feet, wipe them with a towel and then apply moisturizer on the skin. Let it soak the skin for a few minutes.

Along with this, choosing the right type of moisturizer is also important. Experts recommend that people with dry skin should use a mild moisturizer. Which do not contain any perfume or chemicals. The moisturizer should also be slightly thick and smooth to retain the moisture required for dry skincare in the skin.

Dry air causes dry skin

Cause - Dry air is the most common cause of dry skin, especially in winter. It removes moisture from the skin and itching also occurs due to dryness of the skin in winter.

Due to the cold winds, the skin dries, but at this time, the heaters kept inside the houses are also a big reason for the dryness of the skin. During summer, the air conditioner has the same effect on the skin.

Treatment - Use a moisturizer to avoid this. Reducing the heater's heating slightly in winter can also help. In addition, you can use an air humidifier in your bedroom.

Long-term bathing with hot water also causes the skin to dry

Reason - By being in contact with water for a long time (boiling water) your skin starts to lose its natural oil. If your skin feels tight after bathing, it means it is drying.

For this, first of all, you should start bathing with a shower instead of a bath. According to dermatologists, if you are used to bathing for a long time, reduce the duration of your bath a little, especially with warm water, do not take a long bath at all.

Treatment - Now, the question arises that taking a bath in winter is a huge thing, so how to take a bath in cold skin with cold water. For this, there is absolutely no need to bathe with cold water, rather the water should be lukewarm rather than very hot. For this, you just soak your body with a shower while bathing and stay away from the shower as long as you apply soap.

Instead of wiping your body with a towel, wipe it with a light hand towel.

Excessive use of soap makes skin dry

Reason - The use of soap rapidly reduces the natural oil of the skin, and people use it a lot. Soap or cleanser should be used only in parts of the body where needed. Such as face, hands, feet, genitalia, and underarm, etc. The rest of the body should be washed with water only.

However, doctors and mothers always ask them to wash their hands properly because if they do not do so, there may be problems. The dilemma is that when trying to get rid of germs, excessive hand washing can cause the skin to become dry, which can cause skin cracking and bleeding, which also increases the chances of skin infection.

Many people do not take any precautions while taking bath soap from the market and choose cheap or fragrant soap which is hard to skin. Lather removes oil from the surface of the skin, which makes the skin dry.

Treatment - For dry skincare, opt for a mild and fragrant soap. According to experts, it is better for people with dry skin to use a cleanser instead of soap.

So eventually you do not use anything harsh for cleaning your skin. The use of sponges and brushes etc. can also remove the thin layer of natural skin oils which keep the skin moist and healthy. So buy things to be used on the skin carefully.

Some clothes also cause dry skin

Reason - Some sweaters can be very nice and attractive to look at, but still they are inconvenient. If you experience itching when wearing a sweater, no matter how good it is, there is no need to buy it as it can also cause skin infections.

Using it can cause itching and dry skin is sensitive anyway. Therefore, wearing persistently uncomfortable clothes can also cause dryness and itching in your skin.

Treatment - Using good washing powder to wash such clothes can also be beneficial. So buy clothes that do not cause any discomfort once worn and try to buy Kashmiri warm clothes if you are in your budget instead of wool in winter.

Medications are a major cause of dry skin

Cause - The side effects of many medicines also make the skin dry. These medicines are as follows:

Diuretic drugs like high blood pressure etc.

Medications are taken in the event of acne and other skin problems such as retinoids etc.

Treatment - If you feel a skin problem or dryness after starting any medicine, talk to a doctor. They can change your medicine or reduce their dosage.

Dryness also comes in the skin due to diseases

Causes - Usually dry skin depends on external factors. But sometimes, it can also be a sign of internal disturbance whether it is a natural physical change or disease.

For example, skin often turns dry in old age, especially in women. This is due to changes in hormone levels.

Many diseases can also cause dry skin. Some of these medical reasons are more common:

Skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis: Although these diseases are commonly treated, the use of a careful moisturizer also helps.

Diabetes: Poor blood sugar levels can also cause dehydration, which causes the skin to dry up. In diabetes, the treatment of any disease is slow and the risk of infection increases. This is especially important for those who suffer from diabetes and want to keep their skin healthy.

Hypothyroidism: Low levels of thyroid hormone reduce the amount of oil produced by your skin. As a result, the skin becomes dry and unsightly. There are also other symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue and weight gain.

Malnutrition: Even if your body is not getting the necessary nutrients, your skin can dry up. Skin dryness also depends on eating habits.

Other diseases, which are both minor and severe, can also cause dry skin problems.

Treatment - The best way to treat dry skin is to first identify the cause of it and treat it accordingly. So if you are very much troubled by the problem of skin dryness, consult a doctor. Your doctor can identify the cause of your dry skin and help you in the right treatment. If you need to be treated with medicines, the doctor will tell you the right medicine which may contain steroids, antihistamines (medicines that are given for allergies, etc. problems), etc., which can also help to relieve dry skin itching Helps.

Ways to avoid dry skin

Dry skin care tips at home - Home remedies for dry skin

The skin becomes prone to dryness during winter. The outside air is cold, and the cold air has low humidity. Hence air absorbs the body's moisture and the air tries to replenish it.

To deal with these conditions and prevent skin from itching, dryness, rash, etc., you should keep your skin moisturized regularly and control the habits that cause skin dryness.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the following are some things you can do to take better care of your skin and prevent it from becoming dry:

1. Change your bathing and shaving habits.

It sounds a little strange but water can make your skin dry, especially if you take a bath with hot water. Warm water removes the body's natural oils which help keep the skin moist.

  • Fix bath time. Do not bathe for more than 10 minutes and use lukewarm water instead of hot water for bathing.
  • Use gentle, non-scented soaps, and cleansers. Products made with deodorant, harsh soaps, and chemicals are especially the cause of dry skin.
  • Shave immediately after taking a bath or shower because at that time your hair is soft, which does not irritate the skin.

2. Use a moisturizer

In winter, the skin benefits from moisturizing skin, especially the face, hands, and feet.

  • Use a moisturizer just after bathing. This will keep the moisture of your skin intact. After bathing, soak the water with a towel rather than rub it.
  • Use the moisturizer every time you wash your hands or face. Keep the moisturizer with you and apply it after using soap.
  • Use creams instead of lotions. They are more effective because they contain a mixture of good oils, the following list is not of complete ingredients, but you can check them once before taking the cream:
  • Olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, lanolin, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly are good oils.
  • Glycerin helps retain moisture.
  • Lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, and dimethicone make skin soft.
  • Anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) also maintain skin moisture.
  • Don't forget to take care of your lips too. There is a pain in dry and cracked lips. Take a good lip balm that keeps the lips soft.

3. Avoid dry air

There are some things everyone should do to protect their skin from dry air.

  • Wear protective clothing to protect your skin from cold, dry air, etc. Wear gloves and stoles etc. in the winter.
  • Keep socks and gloves dry. Your hands and feet are usually quickly damp or wet. Because of this, the skin can also become dry.
  • Do not sit close to chimneys etc. Although doing this in winter provides warmth to the body, but hot air can take away moisture from your skin.
  • Detergents and other chemical products used to wash woolen and coarse clothes can irritate your skin. If your skin is sensitive, choose good detergents carefully.
  • Use a room temperature normalizing machine. This helps to produce moisture in the room air at least.

4. Contact dermatologist.

If you have followed these tips and still your skin is not getting better, you may have some other skin problem or disease. You contact them, they will understand your problem in a better way and will give you the right treatment to remove dry skin.

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