Know when, and what to eat, Ayurvedic tips for healthy eating

Know when, and what to eat, Ayurvedic tips for healthy eating

Ayurvedic tips for healthy eating

Ayurvedic tips for healthy eating: Everyone knows that our health depends on our body's metabolism. Digestion is an important factor that affects your health. What and how you eat is very important for your health and proper growth and development.

Ayurveda has given tips on some foods that can contribute to improving your health. 11 Ayurvedic suggestions for good health are given below -

Eat only when you are hungry

If you eat only when you are hungry, it helps in the secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes in the body. Do not eat until your body feels hungry. You also need to make sure that you do not suppress your hunger when you are feeling hungry.

Eat at regular intervals

Eating at regular intervals helps to release the body's digestive enzymes at set times, making it easier to digest.

Allow food to digest properly

The wrong combination of foods can cause indigestion. If the previously eaten food is not yet digested and you eat something again, it can cause complications in your body.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet means that you should include all six flavors in your diet - sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter, and astringent. An ideal and balanced diet is a perfect combination of all these flavors.

Take ginger and rock salt before meals

It is recommended to eat a small amount of rock salt with lemon and ginger before meals. It helps in the proper secretion of digestive enzymes. Thus, it also aids digestion and increases digestive power.

A sluggish digestive power is not able to absorb enough nutrients from food.

Avoid drinking cold drinks

Drinking a cold drink just before eating extinguishes the digestive fire. Cold drinks such as iced tea, cold coffee, aerated drinks, and cold water drink before meals can cause an imbalance in digestive power. Therefore, it is best to drink this fluid hot or at room temperature.

Have a meal

The speed of food intake also has an effect on your food. If you are eating fast, you will eat more, while eating slowly you will eat less. Therefore you should eat neither too fast nor too slow. However, if you are trying to lose weight, then you should eat slowly.

Whenever you eat food to make sure that your stomach and mind remain calm. Your focus should only be on the aroma and taste of the food.

Pay attention to the amount of food

The amount of food should vary according to your food. For example, if you eat oily foods that are heavy to digest, then eat only half of your digestive capacity. But if you are eating light food, then eat it in full. But don't eat too much.

Eat at the right time

Make sure that you maintain the proper time for meals. Try to finish your meal in the afternoon, because at that time the digestive power is at its peak, which leads to good digestion. Similarly, dinner should be finished before sunset, because eating late at night causes the formation and indigestion of the toxin.

Drink water in between

Ayurveda strongly recommends that you should not eat when you are feeling thirsty. Similarly, if you are feeling hungry, you should not drink water. Likewise, you should not drink water before meals or immediately after meals. However, you can take a small sip of water while you eat, but note that the water must be hot.

End the meal with a dairy product

Ayurveda states that you should finish your meal with a dairy product, as it helps reduce bile dosha. You can have a cup of yogurt or a glass of warm milk.

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