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Know the diet plan after delivery of famous actress

Know the diet plan after delivery of famous actress

diet plan after delivery of famous actress

Kareena Kapoor diet plan after pregnancy

Diet plan after delivery of famous actress: Pregnancy is a difficult period. Especially for women who work outside the home.

Inspired by the famous actress's pregnancy, the famous actress has written in her book what to do before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy.

Discussion on pregnancy with this nutritionist

There was a lot of discussion about this actress's pregnancy. Her nutritionist says that she became a topic of discussion after a film due to her zero figure. She says that "we want to tell people what a sensible way to prepare for pregnancy and how you can lose weight after pregnancy."

He further states, "Pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy fat is very much needed as a protective tissue. It is produced automatically during pregnancy. To reduce this fat, you just need proper rest and healthy food should be consumed. "

Her nutritionist also says, "There are many things that are myths during pregnancy, so you should ignore those things. Many women say that they have gained weight after pregnancy - even if their baby is many. It may have happened years ago. Many women find weight gain after pregnancy is irreversible, but this is a gross misconception. "

They say that we should listen to the words of our elders for pregnancy - "We often do not seem to be scientific about our elders, but they have centuries of knowledge and are scientifically correct. All are well aware of the foods. They all also know which foods are available in which season and how they should be used. "

It is Katie that she had a client whose mother-in-law sent laddus to her after pregnancy but her client threw her in the trash. His client was sure that eating those laddus would increase the fat in his body. But according to him, traditional foods are good for your body after pregnancy. Therefore, after the pregnancy, you should definitely take the food of your elders.

The lifestyle of the whole world has changed. So she believes that in today's time, it is more difficult to conceive than before. Today, women suffer from PCOD, obesity, increasing hormonal issues, and insulin resistance has become a problem due to more processed food intake and unhealthy lifestyles. Due to which they suffer from problems like PMS, acne, hair loss, and high testosterone. 

According to this nutritionist, it is very easy to deal with these problems - "Exercise for it which will increase your muscle strength which will increase your insulin sensitivity. It requires educating people so that they can choose the right option. For this, You should eat food according to the weather and not packaged food and also get proper sleep and workouts. "

Discussing her pregnancy with this actress

This actress was asked in an interview that as an actress you are constantly evaluated, so how do you stay healthy and physically positive?

His reply was, "The way I looked during pregnancy and the way I lost weight after pregnancy has been appreciated by my fans and my audience. I have been consistent with my exercise and diet for the last 10 years. A good fitness level helps all people and keeps them positive. "

What was the diet plan of this actress during pregnancy?

These actresses ate small miles many times a day. His miles were as follows -

First meal - raisins soaked in 8-10 water and 6-7 almonds as well as raisins water

Second meal - eggs

Third meal - coconut water

Fourth meal - jowar roti, ghee, and dal vegetables

Fifth meal - Fresh fruits

Sixth: Food - Cheese Toast

The seventh meal - casserole and raita or rice and vegetables

Eighth meal - rock salt with yogurt or buttermilk (according to hunger)

What was the diet plan of this actress after pregnancy?

The diet plan of this actress to recover after giving birth was as follows -

First meal - 7 to 8 raisins soaked in water

Second meal - upma / celery paratha

Third meal - lemonade, saffron, and rock salt

Fourth Food - Vegetables and Veg Raita with Dal-Rice, Vegetables and Phulka and Ghee

Fifth meal - Berries

Sixth: Food - Mango

The seventh meal - bread/khichdi with cheese and vegetables

* If hungry later, banana / one cup milk