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Relief of back pain during pregnancy, pain relief, and prevention

Relief of back pain during pregnancy, pain relief, and prevention

Relief of back pain during pregnancy

Relief of back pain during pregnancy: Did you know that 50-72% of women experience low back pain during their pregnancy? Back pain is a leading cause of untreated working days for working women during their pregnancy. 

Studies show that 10% of women will experience back disability at least two years after giving birth. Obviously, back problems associated with pregnancy are a major health problem. This article will discuss why back pain starts during pregnancy and the safest and most effective way to help with it.

Most would agree that medication and surgery are not the answer for a woman with a back problem during pregnancy and even in childbirth. In 2004 Americans spent $ 26.1 billion trying to find relief from back pain after pregnancy.

Because treatment options are limited during pregnancy due to maternal and fetal safety a non-surgical option and drugs may be the best option. Fortunately, that option exists in the form of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic provides a safe, non-invasive way to manage back pain in pregnancy using a time-honored method of care. Because of the changes that take place in a woman's body during pregnancy, the lower part of the spine is affected by misalignment and improper movement. The lower spinal cord is called the lumbar vertebrae. The buttocks are made up of three distinct bones made up of two winged bones called the ilium and the medial spine called the sacrum.

Due to the weight and shape of the developing fetus, any lumbar vertebral and pelvic bones may experience improper and abnormal movements of their joints. A chiropractic examination will reveal where biomechanical abnormalities occur in the back and lower back. Thereafter, a safe, gentle, chiropractic correction (sometimes called chiropractic management) can be given to a pregnant woman to provide effective relief of low back pain during pregnancy.

In 2009, 78 pregnant women participated in a study to assess disability and the severity of pain when they received chiropractic care for back pain during pregnancy. With a disability, 51% showed improvement in chiropractic care. Sadly 67% showed significant improvement. Following 11 months later 85% rated their progress as good or bad!

Studies also show that women who receive chiropractic care during their pregnancy experience a period of rapid delivery and incorrect delivery.

Therefore, the answer is clear. Seek chiropractic care during pregnancy to manage disability and pain so you can enjoy your pregnancy!