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Does masturbation cause hair fall & is it good or bad for health?

Does masturbation cause hair fall & is it good or bad for health?

Does masturbation cause hairfall

Does masturbation cause hair fall: Many times we have heard a lot about masturbation. There is some superstition and concoction that says that masturbation causes hair loss and men experience hair loss and baldness. Falling of hair due to masturbation is as controversial as other fabricated topics. 

According to a scientific inspection, it has been found that there is no scientific evidence of any relation between masturbation effects on hair or hair restorer. That is why, like the rest of the civil fictional stories, the actual scientific information has denied the claim that masturbation has any consequences on the DHT level or on the hormones of the rest of the men.

Masturbation forces the body to produce D.H.T.

But there are many other discoveries that claim that too much hastmaithun is responsible for baldness and hair fall. Science has shown more truth in this image than before. We know that testosterone is derived from this hormone in D.H.T. Or dihydrotestosterone is converted into a more intense form of the hormone. 

It is universally accepted that D.H.T. Because of this, follicles become more compressed, which ultimately results in hair fall, especially in men who are sensitive to it by genetic. Hormones are usually required for important functions of the body such as stimulation and restriction, immune power, metabolism in the body, reproduction, sexual stimulation, etc. to grow.

The most notable theory about Hastmaithun effects hair loss is that excessive excretion of semen fluid is responsible for the lack of protein at some level in the body, and this deficiency causes the problem of hair fall. It can happen. 

Because semen fluid can reduce its strength by 90 percent water and 10 percent protein, and due to the excretion of this protein, it can increase and repair the muscles in the body. Because fibrous protein is a component of this hair and it is evident that due to decreased protein levels there may be some hindrance in hair growth.

Contradictory principle

However, another scientist and revisionist of these states that dry weight components contain only 50 percent protein, due to which excretion of excess protein from the semen fluid does not reduce the level of all proteins in many men. 

Nevertheless, protein has a lot of roles in the body, and in general, the amount of protein that is needed to maintain the overall health status of the hair comes from the protein-rich diet and by eating supplements to grow the hair. 

It is true that sexual function and hastmaithun increase testosterone levels, but this does not happen every time. Increased testosterone levels are not the main reason for hair fall. This is mainly due to jeans. DHT is responsible for making the scalp smooth or oily as it stimulates the oil glands. 

Thus, DHT is responsible for the production of increased evidence of prolactin, as well as for reducing the production of testosterone.

What is the solution to this?

Does masturbation cause hairfall

There are a lot of remedies that can be done on the hair fall caused by Masturbation:

  • Masturbation can be postponed for a few days, due to which the use of protein and DHT levels is limited.
  • By making some changes in the diet, people can also treat some medicines and medicines, which remove this deficiency and can stop the production of DHT.
  • Consulting with sexual therapists is also a very good solution.
  • Often, surgeons recommend exercise and yoga, which make the body active and healthy and keep the DHT levels under control.

Therefore, it is definitely not a good decision to stop masturbation completely because masturbation is a truly rejuvenating exercise, which is an essential part of a healthy sexual age. There are quite a few modifiers that have shown this to have great therapeutic benefits, such as restriction of cancer, increased immunity, increased stimulation of the mind, increased sexual ability, improved motility of sperm, and control. Stress and apathy. 

Apart from this, hair fall and matching pattern baldness is a simple problem that sometimes results in 4 to 10 men. So not all hair fall is due to lack of protein, but it is also due to other considerable dietary deficiencies and countless components. But by reducing masturbation and reducing its evidence, you can control hair fall.

If you want to know more about "masturbation to hair loss" then call us or book an appointment online.

Advantages and disadvantages of masturbation. Does masturbation cause hair fall?

Advantages and disadvantages of masturbation. Does masturbation cause hair fall

There are many urban restless people about masturbation. He believes that masturbation starts decreasing your health, especially the light of the eyes, and hair loss, which is absolutely baseless. Some people also believe that due to masturbation or having more sex, hair grows on the palms of your hands, this is also wrong.

Many people believe that due to masturbation, the thick hairs from your head start to decrease and finally you fall on the verge of hajj and your hairline goes backward and you fall into the category of baldness. Go while there is nothing like this.

Like other masturbation myths, the idea that many people masturbate will cause you to lose hair. There is no scientific evidence linking masturbation to hair loss, nor does the amount of sex more than your partner cause hair loss or any change in its thickness or health.

Interestingly, some of the smaller websites that claim masturbation damage combine the cause of baldness with masturbation, which seems quite reasonable to listen to and see, but when we start to open it, all these claims are like Kafur Fly in the air. These websites try to understand the use of scientific words such as hormones in the seminal fluid, deficiency of proteins and minerals by giving a lot of references which we will tell you here one by one below.

Below, we will focus on some common causes that claim masturbation to hair loss and also open up layers of the nonsense "science" that Karan points out to support these claims.

Myth 1: Masturbation produces more DHT in your body

Dihydrotestosterone, commonly known as DHT, is a male sex hormone that is also the primary cause of male pattern baldness.

DHT binds the receptors in your scalp and shortens the pores around your hairline and crown, resulting in hair loss for men with genetic susceptibility to DHT.

One of the most common reasons used to claim that masturbation causes hair loss is the release of hormones from masturbation, including DHT.

Like most urban legends, actual scientific data completely refutes the claim that masturbation has no effect on DHT and other male hormones. In fact, there are several studies showing that sexual activity has no measurable effect on testosterone or DHT production.

One study compares men with normal sexual activity to men with sexual dysfunction. The final results suggest that both groups of men have statistically similar levels of testosterone.

Another study compares men with normal sexual activity levels to men who intentionally abstain from sexual activity. Blood sample data showed no difference between the two groups in total testosterone, free testosterone, and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels.

Since DHT is a metabolite of testosterone, it is highly unlikely to have any effect, positive or negative, on sexual activity (whether masturbation or sexual intercourse) at the level of DHT.

Myth 2: Masturbation reduces protein levels, leading to hair loss

While it is true that semen contains protein, masturbation or sex does not have a significant effect on the amount of protein available to your hair follicles.

On average, each 100ml of semen contains approximately 5040 mg of protein. Since the average amount of semen during each ejaculation is 3.7mL, this means that you either have to have sex 10 times a day or masturbate 27 times in order to release more than five grams of protein which I think someone Will not.

Now if you want to complete this quantity, then in this perspective, if you eat one egg daily, you gain about six grams of protein, and every time you eat chicken breast, you get 30 to 60 grams of protein. It is known that in this context, the release of 3.7ml does not leave any effect on your body.

When you have sexual intercourse, the amount of protein is very less than the average person's dietary protein intake or you can say no. Even if you spend the whole day masturbating, you still eat about 10 to 50 times more protein in your daily diet, provided you eat a relatively healthy diet.

Baldness is hormonal and genetic, not a side effect of masturbation

Male pattern baldness is caused by DHT, which occurs when your body converts testosterone into DHT via the 5α-reductase enzyme. Masturbation at any point does not play any real role in the process of shortening hair follicles and preventing them from growing.

If you have noticed your hair falling or have started pulling your hair back again, it is more a side effect of DHT, susceptibility to stress, nutrition, or lifestyle issues than the result of too much masturbation.

You can treat these by using medication to eliminate factors that contribute to hair loss, or by taking action to reduce your DHT levels by making changes in your diet and lifestyle.

In short, you can be relaxed. Masturbation does not affect your hairline, hair thickness, or any aspect of your hair health in any way, nor from having sex because if it were done then most of the population of the world would be full of serious hair loss problems. And if you see only bald people everywhere, then you can be sure and do not pay attention to the absurd things here and there.