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12 best home remedies for acidity and gets easy relief

12 best home remedies for acidity and gets easy relief

12 best home remedies for acidity

Home remedies for acidity: Acidity is the problem of almost all of them at some time or the other. This is a common problem related to the digestive system, due to excessive bile and spicy food, an increase of bile in the stomach causes acidity and a person has to face stomach irritation and sour belching. 

Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid pepsin which plays an important role in the digestion of food. Hydrochloric acid breaks food into pieces and protects diseases from external bacteria. Our stomach lining is adapted to this acid so it does not harm the stomach. It can also be converted into Gastro-Oesophageal Disease (GERD) if there is recurrent acidity.

Sometimes this problem can be caused by everyone due to improper diet, but in some people, this problem is more, which should not be ignored, it can also take serious form if it is more. Therefore, first of all, you should try home remedies.

What is acidity

home remedies for acidity

In Ayurveda, hyperacidity is called acidity and in common language, it is also called bile formation. A person gets acidity due to the consumption of spicy, hot, and spicy food. Disease arises due to an imbalance of doshas in Ayurveda. Due to the increase or decrease of a defect, the defects come in an unbalanced state and give healing. Acidity in the bile mainly causes bile defects and produces acidity due to which a person feels chest irritation and sour belching.

Ayurvedic treatment also prescribes the right diet and lifestyle, so it includes bile-reducing treatments as well as consuming bile-reducing diets if the specified diet is not followed while doing the treatment. If you do not, the disease is cured. Therefore, food should also be taken care of in Ayurvedic treatment.

Causes of acidity

home remedies for acidity

There are many reasons for acidity in which they are major-

  • Eating highly chili-spicy and oily.
  • Refresh food without eating previously eaten food.
  • On consuming more acid substances.
  • Not getting enough sleep can also cause hyperacidity.
  • Being hungry for too long also causes acidity.
  • By taking medicines like Painkiller for a long time.
  • Pregnant women also have acid reflux problems.
  • By excessive intake of salt.
  • Excess intake of alcohol and caffeine-rich substances.
  • Eating more and falling asleep while eating.
  • Due to over-smoking.

Sometimes, due to excessive stress, the food does not digest properly and there is a problem of acidity.

Nowadays farmers use many types of pesticides and fertilizers to grow crops, due to which these toxic chemical foods reach the body through food materials and cause stomach-related diseases.


Symptoms of acidity

Although the basic symptom of acidity is the production of gas in the stomach, there are other symptoms besides this that are common-

  • A burning sensation in the chest persists for a few hours after a meal.
  • Sour belts also sometimes come up to the throat to eat with belching.
  • Excessive belching and bitter taste in the mouth
  • Abdominal distension
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Wheezing in the throat
  • Bad breath
  • Head and stomach pain
  • Restlessness and hiccups


Measures to avoid acidity

Acidity is usually caused by unbalanced food and lifestyle. For this, the acidity problem can be brought under control to some extent by making some changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Tomato may be sour but it increases the amount of alkali in the body and its regular intake does not cause acidity.

  • Drink one cup of pineapple juice regularly after meals.
  • Stay away from oily and chilly-spicy food, eat as much plain and less spicy food as possible.
  • Do not sleep immediately after a meal. Take your meal about two hours before bedtime.
  • Get into the habit of taking a walk after having a meal.
  • After waking up in the morning, drink 2–3 glasses of cold water regularly and do not eat anything for about an hour.
  • Do not consume junkfood, preservative-rich foods at all.
  • Minimize the intake of tea and coffee.
  • Instead of eating a lot of food at once, eat small amounts 2-3 times.
  • Except for pomegranate and amla, other citrus fruits should be avoided.
  • Eat papaya fruit for breakfast.
  • Do yoga and pranayama.

Home remedies to get relief from acidity - Home remedies for acidity

Home remedies for acidity

Generally, for the relief of acidity, people first practice home remedies for acidity. Let us know what are the home remedies which help in removing acidity-

1. Cold milk, helpful to get relief from acidity

If there is acidity, drinking one sugar candy mixed with cold milk gives relief.

2. Cumin and celery mixture effective to get relief from acidity

Boil one spoon of cumin and parsley in water and boil it and drink it after adding sugar.

3. Beneficial in fennel acidity

Chewing fennel after eating food provides relief from acidity.

4. Cinnamon is helpful in fighting acidity

Cinnamon acts as a natural anti-acid and prevents the formation of excess acid by increasing digestion power.

5. Consuming jaggery reduces stomach acidity

Eat jaggery after a meal or any time of the day. Jaggery improves digestion and makes the digestive system more alkaline and reduces the acidity of the stomach.

6. Relieve symptoms of banana acidity

Eating a banana daily provides relief from acidity problems.

7. Coconut water helps fight acidity

In case of acidity, consume coconut water.

8. Basil treatment of acidity

Boil 5–7 basil leaves in water. Now cool it and add some sugar and drink it.

9. Gulkand helps to get relief from acidity

Eat gulkand, it is very beneficial in hyperacidity.

10. Amla mixture provides relief from acidity

Make a powder of fennel, amla, and rose flowers and take half a teaspoon in the morning and evening to get relief in acidity.

11. A mixture of nutmeg and dry ginger beneficial for acidity

Make a powder by mixing nutmeg and dry ginger and taking a pinch of it eliminates acidity.

12. Beneficial in reducing glyco acidity

Giloy is a beneficial drug in reducing acidity. Boil five to seven pieces of giloy root in water and drink it by lukewarm.

When should I go to the doctor?

If the problem of acidity is frequent and does not get relief from home remedies, then contact the doctor.


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