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Black fungus infection symptoms, causes, treatment at home

Black fungus infection symptoms, causes, treatment at home

Black fungus infection symptoms, causes, treatment at home
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Black fungus infection symptoms: If you notice these symptoms in the body, then you should understand the black fungus, take your doctor's advice immediately.

Black Fungus Infection: The national government is preparing to deal with black fungus. Find out what are the symptoms of black fungus, which causes the disease, if these symptoms occur in the body, and take medical advice immediately.

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If you notice these symptoms in the body, then you should understand the black fungus, take your doctor's advice immediately.

Raipur. In Chhattisgarh, the problem of Mucormycosis has begun to sweat between corona infections. The number of such patients in the capital's private hospitals has risen sharply in the past week. The national government is preparing to deal with Black Fungus. 

All state medical colleges have been provided with a standard medical procedure recommended by experts from the state specialty committee for the treatment of poor patients. The black fungus will be treated in all state medical colleges, as poor patients come from hospitals in all counties.

Black mold is a fungal infection. It affects people who are suffering from other health problems and who are taking medication. This affects their immune system. When the fungus gets inside a person's body, it affects his stomach or lungs, which may cause serious illness.

Who is responsible for the Black fungus infection?

This can be caused by those with diabetes or uncontrolled diabetes of COVID-19 (those who use steroids) and long-term admission to the ICU. The disease can be prevented by wearing masks in dusty areas, covering the body with full clothing, putting gloves on hands while gardening, and maintaining personal hygiene.

Contact a doctor as soon as these symptoms appear

Eye and nose pain, redness around the eye, nasal congestion, dark or runny nose, jaw pain, swelling of one side of the face, the blackness of the nose and palate, pain in teeth, teeth Blurred vision, dizziness, skin rash, chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, blood clots and changes in mood, etc., should be consulted as soon as symptoms appear.

Whether in the case of black fungus or not, you know how and what the drug is, the government has issued guidelines

Black mold problem is often seen in patients recovering from corona infection. There have been many such patients, who have recovered from Corona but have lost their lives due to black mold. At the same time, a large number of people had to lose their eyesight because of the disease. The Rajasthan government has declared black fungus a pandemic. Meanwhile, the central government has issued guidelines regarding the identification, prevention, and treatment of black fungus. Let us know, what are the symptoms of black fungus, how can we protect ourselves, and what is the solution ...

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Such people are at high risk of Black fungus infection

Black fungus infection symptoms, causes, treatment at home
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  • Patients with uncontrolled diabetes and those who question steroids while undergoing treatment for corona infection should address this issue more seriously.
  • Corona patient on oxygen. Apart from this, people who take respiratory infections and cancer treatments have this problem.
  • People who take high doses of steroids are also at risk for black mold.

How can you find out if they are victims of black fungus?

  • Bleeding from the nose or discharge from something dark.
  • Nausea, headache or eye irritation, and pain. Swelling of the eyes. Double vision, red eyes, blurred vision, difficulty closing eyes, difficulty opening eyes, etc. It is its main characteristic.
  • There is pain in the teeth, difficulty chewing or vomiting, and coughing up blood.

What to do if you are a victim of black fungus?

  • Seek advice from a specialist in the nose, ear, and throat specialist immediately. Apart from this, talk to a doctor who treats any unusual disease.
  • Get regular treatment and follow-up. If you are a diabetic, then try to control your blood sugar and continue monitoring it.
  • If you have any other serious illness, take the medication regularly and consult a doctor.

Do not take any steroid medication alone. Taking such a drug can be difficult.

Black Fungus Precaution Tips: Black fungus will be neutralized by strong immunity, take precautions

Black fungus infection symptoms, causes, treatment at home
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Uday Pratap Singh, Indore. Black fungus infection is now visible in many patients recovering from corona infection. In the last one-and-a-half months, this problem has increased rapidly in the Kovid-19 infected. Due to this infection, not only the eyes of the people are being lighted, but also the deaths of the infected people. Black fungus is not a new disease. 

This virus has been present in the environment for many years. Fungi appearing on roti, bread, or onion in homes is also a type of black fungus. On normal days it does not infect, but these days people who have increased sugar and weakened immunity are getting affected by it. However, black fungus is not a contagious disease like a corona.

The danger is 10 to 25 days: People are getting black fungus infection even 10 to 25 days after having corona infection. According to physicians, it is clear that Kovid-19 infected patients are getting this infection. Apart from this, people who have more problems with diabetes are also getting this infection.

Mustard's team: Black fungus infection begins in the nose. In many patients, it also remains a sinus symptom. After this, the infection also reaches the eye and brain. 

Many times, to save the patient's life, there is also the need to remove the eyes of the patient to prevent the infection from spreading in the eyes. 

This is the reason that in any hospital where a black fungus-infected patient is treated, there is a team of doctors from the departments of medicine, eye diseases, nose-ear, and throat diseases, and neurology. This team jointly treats patients with black fungus infection.

Not readily available injections: Anti-fungal injection amphotericin-B is applied when there is a black fungus infection. It takes four to five injections a day. These injections have to be administered to the patient for about 10 to 15 days. 

Due to the increasing number of patients, this injection is not easily available in the market. This injection is available for three to seven thousand rupees. In such a situation, about two and a half to three lakh rupees are spent on applying four to five injections to the patient every day for 15 days. Now the black marketing of this injection has also started. 

According to Makrand Sharma, the director of a drug house, where earlier there was a demand for two thousand antifungal injections in a year, now there is a demand for even more injections in a day. Due to this, injections are not easily available in the market.

Contact a doctor immediately

  1. There is swelling in the eyes or any problem with vision.
  2. Dryness in the nose, black crust formation, or bleeding.
  3. There is swelling around the nose or under the eyes or on the face.
  4. One needs to be careful even if there are blisters in the mouth and black crust is settling on them.

Steroids and Higher Antibiotic Injection Increases Trouble: Physicians give steroids during treatment to Kovid-19 infected patients. According to physicians, only those patients who have been given more steroids or higher antibiotic injections are getting more infections. 

In many cities, instructions have been issued by the district administration and doctors to set protocols for the treatment of Kovid-19. Apart from this, the doctors treating Kovid-19 patients have been issued instructions not to give steroids to the patients and to inject tocilizumab only when it is very necessary.

Patients who were still in home isolation and who have not taken steroids or other injections are also seeing black fungus problems. In such a situation, it is necessary to get treatment at the hospital immediately in case of illness.

Keep this caution: Dr. R. P. Maheshwari told that many of the infected patients who have been given regular oxygen are having more problems with mucormycosis. The water used in an oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator should be medicated distilled water. 

Water should be changed regularly. Normal water use in its place can also be harmful. The equipment associated with the oxygen machine and the recliner should also be cleaned regularly. In addition, patients with diabetes who have been given more steroids to become infection-free should be regularly checked for their health even after recovering.