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Easy and effective home remedies for weight gain and become fat

Easy and effective home remedies for weight gain and become fat

When the body becomes obese, the chances of suffering from many diseases increase

Home remedies for weight gain: When the body becomes obese, the chances of suffering from many diseases increase. Similarly, a very thin body is also a sign of being unhealthy. A more weakened body may become diseased sooner than a healthy body. Often skinny people take many measures to increase their weight or become fat, but they do not get complete success. Due to thinness, people start facing many problems or they have to face embarrassment. You can do the home remedies mentioned here to gain weight or become fat.

In Ayurveda, not one or two, but many remedies have been given, by following which you can increase your weight. Let us know about them.

What is weight gain?

The increase in body weight is called weight gain. Weight gain occurs when a person's physical activity is less than the calories consumed by him. It is caused by the accumulation of fat or excess fluid in the body. Normally weight gain is not a problem.

Abnormal weight loss - Home remedies for weight gain

People start losing weight due to the following reasons:-

  • Type-1 Diabetes- Type-1 diabetes also causes weight loss.

Depression or stress – In depression, the weight of the person increases, but sometimes there is a decrease in irritability and appetite in the person, due to which the weight decreases (home loss diet).

Hormone-related disorders- In hormonal disorders, the adrenal glands produce an insufficient amount of hormones. Due to this, there is a weight reduction. It can happen to people of all ages.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

Due to which there is a pain in the stomach, and the person does not feel hungry. This leads to gradual weight loss.

Problems in the small intestine – When the intestine is unable to absorb the essential nutrients of the food, then this condition is called malabsorption. Due to this also the weight does not increase, but it starts decreasing.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

It seems to happen. This disease occurs in women of 30-50 years. It is an inflammatory disease, in which the energy of the body fluctuates.

Thyroid-related problems- In hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland becomes overactive. Due to this, the metabolic process of the body gets accelerated. This also causes weight loss

Vata Dosha- Due to the aggravation of Vata, the gastric fire intensifies, due to which the person feels more hungry and he eats more food, but does not gain weight.

  • Stomach ulcer problem

Dislike ensues. Weight loss occurs due to a lack of food.

Tuberculosis – T.B. There is an infectious disease, in which the person's appetite decreases, metabolic activity also becomes sluggish. In this, the weight of the person decreases rapidly.

Causes of cancer- Cancer cells in the body need a lot of energy to grow due to cancer, so there may be a problem with weight loss.

Cause of weight gain

Weight gain starts due to these reasons:-

  • Due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • A habit of eating something or the other again and again.
  • Thyroid-related problem (due to hypothyroidism).
  • Depression. Under stress, a person gets into the habit of overeating.
  • Consumption of more oily, fatty, and stale food, junk food, diet containing preservatives.
  • Eating more food but having a sedentary lifestyle. If you consume large amounts of, or fatty, food but have to sit all day long, your weight can increase rapidly.


Home remedies for weight gain

When the body becomes obese, the chances of suffering from many diseases increase

Diseases arise due to the increase or decrease of doshas in the body. Ayurvedic treatment is a natural remedy. It balances the doshas of the body and eliminates the disease from the root. The aggravated doshas are reduced by ayurvedic medicine, and when reduced they are balanced. Therefore, to gain weight, a person should take ayurvedic remedies, which are:-

Banana is Ayurvedic medicine for obesity

You can eat bananas as medicine for obesity. Eat at least three to four bananas a day. Banana is nutritious and full of nutrients. It can be eaten with milk or curd. It helps in increasing the weight.

Milk and honey is an ayurvedic medicine for obesity

Take honey with milk every day for breakfast, and before going to bed at night. The use of milk and honey as a medicine for obesity gives excellent benefits. It increases weight and digestion power is also fine.

Almonds, dates, and figs are ayurvedic medicine for obesity

Boil three to four almonds, dates, and figs and put them in milk. After boiling well, if the milk is lukewarm, drink it every day before sleeping. It is an ayurvedic medicine for obesity.

Weight gain due to consumption of beans

Bins can be used as a medicine for getting fat. Use more beans in vegetables. Along with being nutritious, it also helps in gaining weight.

Consuming milk and oats for weight gain

  • Consume fatty milk with oats.
  • Make wheat porridge in fatty milk and eat it. This leads to an increase in weight. This remedy is used as ayurvedic medicine for obesity.

Use of apple and carrot for weight gain

Take equal quantity of good quality apples and carrots with peel and grate them. Eat it after lunch. It gives benefit in few weeks.

Raisins intake for weight gain

Soak 10 grams of raisins in milk for about four hours. Boil this milk before sleeping. When it is lukewarm, drink milk and eat raisins. Raisins strengthen the body and increase weight rapidly.

Use of barley for weight gain

Soak the barley and peel it as needed. 60 grams of this barley. Quantity of 500 g. Make kheer by mixing it with milk. Eat this breakfast for two months. By consuming this kheer daily for two months, even lean or weak people become obese. This leads to an increase in weight.

Soybean use for weight gain

Eat soybean and sprouted grains in breakfast. They contain plenty of protein. It is used as a fattening medicine to strengthen the body and increase weight.

Your Weight Gain Diet to gain weight

To gain weight, your diet should be like this:-

  • Give preference to carbohydrates and fatty foods in the diet (mota hone ki Dawa).
  • Use butter and ghee in your food.
  • Consume dry fruits and fatty milk.
  • Divide your diet into five parts. Eat sweet fruits for breakfast and in between meals. Drink a shake made of banana and milk in the evening.

Your Weight Gain Lifestyle to Gain Weight

To gain weight, your lifestyle should be like this:-

  • Take food on time.
  • Chew food slowly.
  • Avoid waking up in the night, and get enough sleep of 6-7 hours.
  • Avoid excessively stressful lifestyles.
  • Do Pranayama regularly in the morning.
  • Avoid These During Weight Gaining
  • Avoid fasting while taking home remedies to get fat.

Questions and answers related to weight gain

These questions related to weight gain are often asked:-

Q: Why do you lose weight?

A: According to Ayurveda, the health of each individual depends on the balance of Vata-Pitta-Kapha. Many times the problem of continuous weight loss is seen in the person. Vata and Kapha dosha are the main reasons for this. Due to the increase of Vata and decrease of Kapha in the body, weight loss goes on. The aggravation of Vata is due to the consumption of the Vatavardhan diet.

Q: Do people genetically also have lean bodies?

A: Weight loss is sometimes also due to family history (heredity). If the body of the parents is thin, then the body of the child may also be thin.

Q: Should the body be considered sick because of being thin?

A: Some people do not gain weight even after taking a nutritious diet regularly and following home remedies, but they are healthy. So it would be wrong to say that every lean-bodied person is unhealthy.

Q: Is it okay to take drugs to gain weight?

A: Nowadays, many types of medicines are available in the market for weight gain, which contain harmful steroids. Due to the use of such medicines, weight increases very fast, but due to this, the body becomes a home of diseases. Many serious diseases are caused by the use of steroids.

Q: What is the best way to gain weight?

A: Natural remedies should be used to gain weight. The body gets nourishment through home remedies and ayurvedic treatment. This increases the weight naturally. Natural remedies not only increase the weight, but the body of the person remains strong. He is also mentally and physically healthy.

Q: Is it better to eat non-vegetarian food to gain weight?

A: This myth is prevalent among most people that the consumption of non-vegetarian food is very important to gain weight, but it is not so. Non-vegetarian food has tamasic properties. This may increase the weight of the person, but it makes the person of gross and tamasic qualities. All the nutrients are present in a vegetarian diet instead of meat. It is no less beneficial than non-vegetarian weight gain. A vegetarian diet keeps a person healthy both mentally and physically. Weight can be easily increased by consuming only a vegetarian diet.

Q: What could be the reason for not getting benefits from the above remedy?

A: In most cases, these measures prove to be very beneficial. If a person takes into account the reasons for the loss of weight and does not improve them and follows the measures to increase the weight properly, then there is definitely an increase in weight.

Q: When to contact the doctor if there is no weight gain? 

A: If a person's weight starts decreasing suddenly, and the weight is not increasing even after adopting home remedies and a proper diet, then the doctor should be contacted. It can be a sign of some disease.